Monday, September 12, 2016


G-daughter arrived shortly after 7am and then EL and BB arrived around 8am to spend the morning while Re slept after working all night at the hospital.
They had a great morning playing together.

At lunch g-daughter liked using her new bowl that sticks to her tray.
It was great until EL suggested she could eat like a puppy !!!!
G-daughter had her 12 month check up this afternoon so d-in-love picked her up at the same time Re picked up EL and BB.
G-daughter was very healthy, weighed 21 pounds and was right on schedule with everything.
After they all left hubbie and I went over to Southern States to pick up chicken feed.
I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my weekly laundry done while hubbie picked g-son up from school.
He came in hungry as usual and ate everything that wasn't fastened down before his mom picked him up. He said he really liked school this year so that is a good thing !!!
I spent time tonight after getting the laundry put away and the chores done searching through my pictures for September decade pics. The oldest thing found was the marriage of my uncle Jay Pryor, dad's older brother. He and Bertha Lanning got married on September 1,1896. This photo is of them in January 1952 when they witnessed my dad and mom's marriage .
I remember spending alot of time with these two while I grew up.Our 9th tropical storm was named today, Ian, but he is predicted to turn out to sea and not bother anything.

Today has been a cooler day with a high of 80 degrees under mostly cloudy sky. This afternoon there was some rain around but none for us. The sky took on a yellowish/pink glow tonight and gave the outside an eerie color.
Thankful for all the blessings of the day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

What a busy start to your week. The house must have been filled with a lot of laughter. Glad g-daughter is nice and healthy. Blessings