Tuesday, September 27, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 7am and she didn't feel well at all. D-in-love thinks a couple of 12 month molars are trying to come in causing her to have constant diarrhea. This started yesterday while she was here and today her little bottom is firey red and broken out and she is miserable. No pre-school for her today so we went back to bed . Bless her heart she layed her head on my arm and didn't move for 45 minutes, until the 8:00 alarm went off.
I got her some breakfast and then did chores. We got 6/10ths inch of rain overnight so that was a nice drink for everything.
G-daughter didn't eat much breakfast and just wanted to go to back to sleep. But as soon as I layed her in her crib she woke up and had another messy diaper.
By 10am she had had 3 major messy diapers and was constantly whining. Her mom got off work at lunch and came to get her and let her breast feed so she could get some fluids in her .
After they left I had lunch then spent the after noon cleaning house. I did manage a few minutes of  sewing time and got one little baby bonnet made for the day.
A storm came up late this afternoon and we had a lot of thunder and lightening but only a sprinkle of rain here.
I went to watch the volleyball came with West Henderson tonight.
Daughter's JV dropped 2 quick sets to loose their game.

I sat on the top bleacher so I could lean my achy back from all my housework today against the wall.

Josh came out to watch the varsity so I stayed and watched with him.  Josh and I are sitting on the top bleacher all the way to the left in this photo .
Daughter gives some encouragement to the varsity players.

Their sets were exciting and close but North lost 3 out of 4 sets to take their second loss of the season both at the hands of West.
I need to get more decade pics on here so here are the September 1996 school pics of the kids.
Daughter was in the 6th grade enjoying her first year in middle school.
#2 son was in 8th grade starting his last year in middle school.
#1 son was in 9th grade starting his freshman year in high school.
He was on the JV football team and they had an undefeated year.

Wow, each time I look at these old photos I wonder how the years have gone by so fast ???
I'm proud of the hard working adults that all three of my kids have turned out to be.
Thankful for today's blessings and for the past blessings that these three kids brought into my life by the grace of a wonderful Heavenly Father.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Praying that g-daughter is feeling better soon. Always love your decades pictures. Glad you finally got some rain. Blessings