Saturday, September 17, 2016


Up and out this morning to get ready for market. Another cloudy morning on tap for today but still no predictions for rain.
Hubbie found a gas station on the way to market this morning that didn't have a line and filled his truck up so we are set for at least a couple weeks until hopefully they get the pipeline back up and running. This is pic from the local newspaper of what most gas stations looked like all day today !

Market was pretty slow as expected today, I did have a couple regular customers come in and buy several things each that made my sales much better for the day and I am always grateful for whatever I sell .

There is less and less fresh produce each week at market and I hate when this comes to an end as that really stops traffic through market.
I left market and made a stop at Aldi for a few baking supplies for next week and made it home at 3:00.
Hubbie helped me unload and then we both rested for a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon. Another mostly cloudy day has kept the temps down around 80 this evening.
Hubbie went down to #1 son's to help him unload some plywood for his upstairs finishing project.
They are hopefully going to put g-son a bedroom and bathroom up there as well as  a big play/ study room.
I did evening chores and then we both finished the evening watching the sunset and the beautiful Harvest Moon rise .
Back in September 1986 the Curb Market was getting ready for an annual Old Timey Day and this was an article in the newspaper. Essie Jackson was my mother's good  friend.
Another article that month was about Ralph Kilpatrick who was a market vendor and a man that we became very close with as we rented his Dana road pastureland and barn for several years.
We also made a trip to Myrtle Beach that year in September and the kids looked like they had fun.
#1 son was 4 years old, #2 son was 3 years old and daughter was 18 months old.

In this picture of a meal you can see the crock pot liner as I used to carry a crock pot to make most of our meals in even in our hotel room.
We left the beach and drove to Charleston to explore Charles Town Landing with the kids.

We also had a family photograph made that month.
Each time I post one of these decade remembrances I humbly thank God for the blessings of my past and for the present blessings as well .
God Bless and Good Night.

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