Saturday, September 3, 2016


7am came too early today as we got up to get a head start on this Saturday market day.
Surprisingly the streets were pretty empty on our way into town a little after 8:00. Market parking lot was about 1/2 full but I was lucky to find a parking spot close to the door my tables are close to.
Hubbie helped me carry things in and get set up before escaped to the quiet country again.
By 10am the crowds were here and folks were buying pretty well.

 My pound cakes were the first to go but I had plenty of my signature caramel cakes to go around.

The day was perfect for the street festival as the sun was bright but the temperature stayed in the low 70's all morning keeping the Fall feel in the air. As I watched the festival goers walk through market with no sweaty T-shirts but rather long sleeves and light jackets I tried to think back to another year like this and couldn't remember one where the temps have been this low with no rain.
I have been chilly all day at my booth but by lunch time the heat started to build and the temp was 81 when I packed up to leave market. 
I would love to believe Fall is here but I know better than that with these temps predicted for the coming week.
Hermine isn't going away anytime soon and is still wreaking havok on the coast as it moves very slowly north.
It was good to get out of town and into the quiet country after market today. Times like these make me appreciate my out of the way place to live. Hubbie helped me unload then we veged out for the afternoon and just rested.
Thankful for the strength God gives me each day and all the answered prayers .
God Bless and Good Night.

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