Sunday, September 25, 2016


Church was good today even with the flipflop in schedule we had to do. A planned ordination of a young man who was recently elected as one of the Deacons was planned but had to be canceled because this young man is a highway patrolman and was dispatched to Charlotte earlier this week to help with the unrest there. Be safe Kyle !
After church we had a small lunch bunch with only #1 son's family here for roast beef, baked potatoes, corn of the cob, green beans and biscuits.
After lunch they went home to rest before the g-son's soccer game this evening. Hubbie watched a football game and a race on TV (flip flopping back and forth) which drives me crazy !!!
 I took my new Southern Living magazine out on the porch and read in it.
We went to the soccer game at 4:30. #1 son is coaching today in the absence of the regular coach.

It was extremely hot and humid this afternoon and the boys all suffered as there was only one sub and they all kept asking to rest !!  The sun was bearing down on them the entire game. They played well and outlasted the other team for a 6-4 victory under the direction of #1 son.

G-daughter and daughter took a walk at half time and Stella helped g-daughter walk.

Hubbie and I stopped on the way home and washed my Honda. There was some sticky brown drops of something all over the hood and I was afraid it might have been coke but we think it was only sap.
Anyway I have a clean car now just in time for the rain that is predicted to start tomorrow.
As this last week of September starts we are hoping that it breaks this month long heat wave with predicted rain and cooler temps.

Josh and daughter came after their dogs who have spent the weekend with us while they visited one of Josh's brothers in Winston Salem for a birthday celebration.
The sky is really cloudy this evening and the air is really moisture laden so hopefully that is a sign of weather changes.
Thankful to god tonight for the wonderful blessings of this day and looking forward to beginning another week with Him guiding me along.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Gotta love those days when everything is "flip-flopped" around. Hope you get your much needed rain. The humidity levels are still very high around here ( in the high 70's to 90's). This is very high for WI. It feels warm and hard to breathe even when it is in the 60's outside. Have a blessed day!