Sunday, September 18, 2016


Woke to a very cloudy cool day on this Sunday morning. I did chores and then hubbie and I put the chicken breast for lunch in the pressure cooker. We are going to grill them but want to cook them some before we put them on the grill so they won't take so long.
Church was good from John 16, 5-11 about the fact that what you don't know CAN  hurt you !!! Pastor David Horton did a great job as usual delivering the message.
Hubbie had a short nominating committee meeting after the service but we still got home in plenty time to get lunch fixed by 1:00. We had green beans, baked potatoes and corn to go with the chicken breast ,everything was really good.
We ate with #1 son's family and daughter today.
Josh has a routine of watching Sunday afternoon football with his dad and brother , Re worked last night and Aa is trying to get his hay rolled before the promised rain gets here, #2 son and Tif are working.
After everyone left hubbie and I rested until time to get ready for g-son's soccer game. He has several games on Sunday this season so we will get to see more of his games. This was the last game of  the day at 4:30 and it was beginning to lightly sprinkle rain as we drove to the park.
Thankfully the rain held off and they got the game played. Unfortunately g-son's team lost but they played very hard. I was so proud of g-son's effort in this game and he has grown up so much in a year's time.

Have no idea what had them both smiling but it was good to see all the boys seemingly having a good time.
G-daughter wasn't much entertained by the soccer game but had fun with her aunt T , mom and Pawpaw.

 Give me that camera !!!!
The park is very near a small airport and g-daughter was very entertained by the low flying airplanes that flew over.
We needed our umbrellas as we walked back to our cars as the rain began to reach the park for perfect timing.
Hubbie and I came home and did the chores in a light rain but no measurable amount before dark.
The weather felt more like Fall today with high's only in the mid 70's but this week we are back to the mid 80's and dry unless one of these tropical systems decides to come this way.
Julia is still hanging around off the coast and is heading back toward land tonight.
And Karl is still advancing across the Atlantic expected to gain strength and become a hurricane .
In reading back in my blog books at this time of year each year since 2009 some of these years have already been quite cool at this time but some have been like this year with summer still hanging on for dear life. The official beginning of Fall is only 3 days away now and the daylight hours are certainly noticeably shorter each evening.
I thought this evening as I walked by this late blooming Butterfly bush and watched this Bumble Bee busily searching out the sweet nectar of the blooms that the last days of Bees and Blooms is getting closer each day now.

God is good everyday and His love is everlasting for all those who invite Him onto their hearts. I feel so blessed so have Him in mine !
God Bless and Good Night

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