Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Up to another beautiful morning to end this summer of 2016 on a good note. After chores, breakfast and devotions I took a walk to enjoy this nice weather.
This lone Morning Glory was in a perfect place to catch some of the suns rays.

 I was fortunate on my walk today to watch this Monarch butterfly searching for food and resting places as he took a break from the migrations journey south.

I regularly get to watch these Swallowtail beauties but rarely see a Monarch around here anymore.

Back inside I baked 3 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes for an easy baking day today.
After lunch I took a nice vitamin D break to soak up some sunshine. It was a perfect afternoon although the sun was hot and the temps was 84 degrees there was a breeze and some intermittent clouds floating by to cover the hot sun a few times.
When hubbie got home we watched the evening news and then did the chores.
We watched the first episode of Survivor on tv, I say each season I am not going to get caught up in another of these shows but curiosity always gets the best of me and I end up watching. This season might be very interesting as the show is pitting 2 separate generations against one another. The Millennials who were born from the early 80's to 2004 against Gen-X ers who were born from the early 60's thru 1982. 
After the show I did weekly paper work and paid bills before getting everything packed up and ready for market tomorrow.
Today ends a summer that has been very exciting for our family.
G-son finished his 3rd grade year in June.  #1 son has been really busy at his grading job and d-in-love got to enjoy both kids all summer with only working 2 days a week.
Daughter had the most exciting and busy summer of all. As soon as school was out we dove into finishing her wedding plans. She was married on July 9th in a beautiful outdoor wedding on top of Bearwallow mountain. After a dry June with almost no rain around the first of July the rains began in earnest falling every afternoon up to the wedding and even on the rehearsal eve the storm was violent with pouring rain, wind, thunder and lightening causing a sleepless night wondering what in the world we would do with all the wedding guest if  this happens tomorrow ????
However our fears were all unfounded as by only the grace of a wonderful loving Heavenly Father the wedding day turned out to be perfect. Sunny,  cooler with a gentle breeze and everything else turned out totally perfect. Everyone had a wonder time and the newly weds were off to a wonderful start to life together.

#2 son also had an exciting summer as he asked Tif to marry him a week after daughter's wedding. And of course this sweetheart said yes !!!

The kids had fun in a week of Bible School at the end of July.

I got a year older on the last day of July and have felt my age more this summer than ever before with all the busyness plus a nasty Brown Recluse spider bite at the end of June that required 2 weeks of 2 different very strong antibiotics. Thankfully I have a nasty scar but didn't require any further treatment. I followed that up with a bout of Hand Foot and Mouth virus that hit me the last day of vacation and kept me down for 2 weeks and I still have skin peeling off places where the huge blisters were. My knees have also given me a fit this summer with constant pain.
The family had a very nice beach trip the first week of August where all the kids loved playing in the ocean waves.

Market has been a little off this season and I lost a large summer camp contract when new owners came in and decided on a different menu that didn't include my cakes !!
G-son started back to school on the 29th of August in the 4th grade and so far loves it this year.
I am babysitting g-daughter only 2 days a week since I have been struggling with my health issues.
She is starting to walk and is getting into everything. She is enjoying a little pre-school 1/2 day class on Tuesday and Thursday where she gets to interact with other babies and enjoys that.

Re and Aa have had a busy summer and EL started 3 year old preschool classes in September.

August for me was a typical food preservation month with canning green beans, tomatoes, salsa, pasta sauce , dilly beans and freezing blackberries.
After a dry June and wet July August and September have been very dry months to put an end to the garden.
I have so far attended every home volleyball game for daughter's JV team and also have watched a couple varsity matches .
I am very thankful for the wonderful summer memories created this season that were blessed with the love of Jesus Christ . I am looking forward to a new season and what God has in store for us.
God Bless and Good Night.

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