Friday, September 2, 2016


As I did chores this morning the dark clouds from hurricane Hermine hung low and threatening.

Hermine made landfall very early this morning on the panhandle of Florida breaking a 10 year record for Florida of no hurricane landfalls. As a category 1 hurricane the flooding was causing the most damage.

As he turned northeast and up the east coast he made it not a good day for holiday beach goers with high winds all along coast.

Here in the mountains thanks to a cold front that passed through yesterday and is blocking the rains and high winds we are not expecting anything from it but these clouds and really cool temps. The high today is 68 degrees and I have shivered all day just thinking about only 2 days ago I was sweating bullets in 94 degree temps !!!
We are getting some pretty high wind here and lots of leaves are hitting the ground prematurely. I took a short walk this morning to enjoy the coolness. This is our September garden. We are still getting tomatoes,cucumbers,green beans, okra, bell peppers and of course potatoes and winter squash.

I spent the morning inside baking cakes, I baked 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 3 pound and 1 blackberry wine cake before having a late lunch.
Hubbie got off work early today and went to the Curb Market to help take up parking money from festival goers. Each volunteer spends at least 2 hours taking the money. The board decided to open the market today for any vendor that wanted to sell today but I needed to bake.
When hubbie came home he said there wasn't many people going into the market they were mostly just walking up to the street. The crowds were low today anyway with the dark clouds.
When he came home he took a nap while I iced and rested my knee that is screaming at me again.
We did chores early and as soon as daughter got finished with her volleyball practice she came here so we all could go to the apple festival together. #1 son and g-son went with us ,d-in-love and g-daughter were tired so they stayed home.
Daughter picked up Josh on the way and we met Re and the kids up on the street. We had vendor passes to park in the market parking lot which was almost empty at this time. Friday night is a good time to go to the festival as the crowds are lowest during the Friday night football games.
We had dinner there from one of the vendors to get us started.
The kids got to ride a few of the rides.

G-son of course had to win another of these "aliens" . He got the purple last year and the green tonight.

It was a great time of family and fun.  I noticed that is not near as many craft booths this year as in the past. I don't think they do very well as the narrow street gets very crowded and no one can even get to the booths to make purchases on Saturday and Sunday. I also noticed more of the stores along Main street had items out on the street for sale bringing back memories of the old side walk sales that used to be a big draw on this weekend.
They closed up at 8:00 and we headed home to call it a successful apple festival trip with only food and for purchases.

I spent the rest of the evening icing cakes and getting ready for market tomorrow. We will get up earlier than usual to get in and get set up before the crowd descends on the streets and our parking lot.
I never know what kind of day this festival will bring as most folks come into town to spend their money on Main street but I have had some really good sales on this day in some years past, you just never know.
I am very grateful to a Loving Lord who blesses me undeservedly each day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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