Friday, September 9, 2016


 Up to meet this busy Friday with renewed strength from a good night's sleep.
After chores, breakfast and devotions I went outside to take my morning walk. Surprisingly this morning all my 4-legged companions are occupied else where and didn't hear me come out of the house. I took advantage of this "non canine companion" morning to head down into the bottom pasture for my walk. I used to let all the dogs go with me but with all the cattle in the neighbors pasture Flash won't stay on this side of the fence so it is better to not get him used to going down there anymore.
I had a nice walk with different scenery and noticed all the late summer bloomers along the creek banks . The Jewel Weed with its tiny orange slippers .

The Chickory is fading quickly.

These bright spot along the fence was beautiful with the bright yellow Asters showing off.

The poisonous but pretty blooming Ragwort still dots the non bush hogged parts of the pasture.

Another bright spot are these bright red Indian paintbrush flowers.

The Poke berries are ripening for the birds to feast on and drop purple poop on everything !!
Also the Eleagnus berries are getting ripe.

The sparkling water of the creek is starting to live up to it's "Clear Creek" name !!

I was surprised to see how much water is still running over my "drought rock".
These two guys were soaking up the morning sun and didn't even move when I stopped to take a pic.

Reluctantly I climber the hill back to the house to begin my baking for the day. I baked 12 caramel, 2  chocolate and 4 pound cakes before having a late lunch.
My friend Linda Bradley came by for a visit and picked up 4 cakes she had ordered.
The afternoon temperature reached 88 degrees for another uncomfortably hot late summer day.
I rested and watched the news before getting the chores done. Hubbie who has been craving watermelon found a late season one at a fruit stand today on his way home and we had a "watermelon" supper for one more time this season. These are definitely numbered now as when I looked in both my shopping stops Thursday all the watermelon displays had been replaced with pumpkins !!!!   This watermelon he found today is one of the better tasting ones we have had this year. As we had our "supper" out in the outside patio we watched a beautiful colored sunset.

Daughter sent me this from the high school football game out the road. A beautiful football evening "under the lights" !!!

I spent the evening icing cakes and getting ready for market.
Thankful to God for His grace and love forever and ever !
God Bless and Good Night.

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