Friday, September 23, 2016


Another beautiful morning. After chores, breakfast and devotions I  have decided to get out this really old Bible that belonged to my grandfather Pryor and read in it. I love knowing that Granddad also turned the pages of this Bible. Also all the news paper clippings that he had hid away in this Bible make for interesting reading.

Once again this morning I sneaked away from all my 4-legged companions and took a long walk down in the bottom pastures. This walk is actually longer than normal but easier on my knees because it is all flat ground except for the hill going down and back up.
It is a beautiful morning under those deep blue Fall skies.
The old farm pond is quickly drying up again in the drought we are in.
The creek is pretty low also.
As I walked I admired some of the huge old trees on our land and wondered just how old these beauties are. This is a Wild Cherry tree that is one of the biggest ones I have ever seen anywhere.

On the way back to the house I stopped and picked up several Persimmon seeds to dry out so the boys can open them Sunday to see what their prediction for our winter weather is.
Back inside I baked cakes , 12 caramel and 2 pound cakes.
After finishing these I had lunch then as I looked out at the cloudy day I decided it would be a good cooler day to work some in my shop. It is so much easier to cut out my sewing projects in there. Thankfully I didn't encounter any of my long shiny black snake friends this time in there.
I cut out 3 kids aprons, 5 baby bonnets, 4 medium bonnets and 6 large bonnets before my middle back muscles starting screaming that I was over doing plus the sun had come out and I sweated gallons while finishing these projects.
After a short rest I went up to the garden and gathered the remaining Fall squash crop. These Cushaw squash  I will sell at market tomorrow. I remember when I was growing up my mother always grew these instead of pumpkins because she liked the taste of these better than pumpkin for pies.
There were a few more spaghetti and acorn squash left also.
I also gathered the blown down strawberry popcorn that I had planted from some very old seed that I found and it all came up. But like all corn does that we plant in this garden it all blew over . These little ears still formed on the blown over stalks.
I will bunch some to sell and keep some for the kids to pop in the microwave.
There was a pretty eastern sky tonight as the clouds were breaking up.
#1 son and g-daughter came by for some tomatoes to have with their supper and she had to swing a little bit before going home.
Hubbie and I did chores then I spent the evening icing cakes and getting things ready for market. At market tomorrow we are having a Heritage Day celebration instead of our regular Old Timey Day that we have always had. We can't get enough help from market vendors to cook the biscuits on the old wood cook stoves anymore like in all the history of the market. So instead we changed the name and called it Heritage day. I have no idea what the reaction to this will be from customers and if anyone shows up or not.
Grateful for a loving Lord and all the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night.

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