Monday, September 26, 2016


An early Monday morning as g-daughter arrived a little after 7am. Hubbie got her set up with breakfast while I did chores. A little after 8am BB and EL arrived so mom could sleep after working all night.
After everyone had breakfast it was playtime. EL didn't feel well this morning and was pretty subdued for awhile.
No sleeping around here !!!!!
And these two are very entertaining anytime they get together to watch !!!!!!

We went outside to enjoy the very nice not so hot morning. There was swinging.......

Bubbles ........

Wagon rides........
 Look ma No hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were all pooped and ready for lunch when we got back inside.
After lunch Re came after BB and EL and g-daughter went down for a much needed nap but only slept 30 minutes in the crib. She was like a zombie after she woke up and just sat around the rest of the afternoon.
We could hear thunder in the distance and the clouds got really dark but the rains all went around our area.
Re had to be back at a staff meeting at 5:00 and EL and BB came back to stay while Aa finished work.
BB played under my feet while I fixed them supper. He reminds me so much of my #2 son when he does this as there were many days when I worked stepping over him and his trucks and tractors on my kitchen floor. And I remember some of the things BB does are the same as #2 son , like lining all the vehicles up in neat lines or parking them all in a row against the cabinets.
Just barely got chores done before the rain started this evening. It has rained pretty hard at times all evening so it will be interesting to check the rain gauge in the morning.
I did get our 3 loads of weekly laundry done today and to complete my list of to dos for today I got these 2 baby bonnets made tonight after all the kidos went home.
The presidential debate is taking over all the media channels tonight so I am going to bed early !!
Letting Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump fight it out without my attendance !
I will go to bed praying diligently for the future of our country tonight and every night as I don't believe either of these candidates are looking to Him for guidance.
God bless our country, God bless you and God bless me.
Good Night.

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linda m said...

I can just hear all the laughter in your house yesterday with 3 children playing. Makes me smile just to think of it. Hope you got enough rain to help out with the dry conditions. i feel the same way you do about the candidates. I don't believe either one of them is looking to God for guidance. Very sad. Blessings!!