Monday, September 5, 2016


Up and out on this 2016 Labor Day Monday. Found this explanation and when the celebration of Labor day started and thought it was interesting.
Hubbie and I did chores and had breakfast then loaded up bicycles in the truck and met daughter and Josh and d-in-love and the kids at Berkley Park in Hendersonville. They have put in a new trail from that park all the way to Jackson and Patton parks in the county.

Hubbie and I have talked about wanting to ride this trail since they built it and today is the day !!

A beautiful morning for a ride as we take off around 10:45.
Water break !!!

We rode all the way to Jackson Park and let the kids play on the swings and slide.

And the big "kids" enjoyed it too !!!
This little part of the park is named in honor of my friend Chat Jones that died in an accident in his auto dealership several years ago. It is so clean and well kept I was impressed.

We headed back up the trail and went into Patton park where there is a Subway restaurant and had lunch.

This little sweetheart got her belly full of chicken and pizza and was zonked as soon as we left Subway !
It was a wonderful ride with all kinds of interesting sites along the way. We went under the big Four Seasons Boulevard.

This is the railroad track that runs bu hubbie's old house and where he played as a young boy.

We wondered how deep the clear water is in this old rock quarry was and how they got all the rock hauled out of here.

With only one small mishap when g-son ran into the back of  my bike when I slowed on a hill that left us both in a heap on the pavement entangled with both our bikes but luckily no serious injuries other than a couple scrapes.
Josh measured our ride and he said we had road for 7.5 miles !!!  That is a great work out for today !
It was mid afternoon when we got home and unloaded. I did three loads of laundry while hubbie washed his Beagles and then we relaxed with the last of our flea market coconuts from last week.
It was a lovely day for the Apple Festival parade that went on in downtown this afternoon. We didn't go but this is a picture of the Curb Market float that was in the parade.
Hubbie and I ended this wonderfully blessed Labor Day 2016 watching the sun go down leaving the western sky ablaze  !!
G-son already is planning another bike ride next weekend as he had so much fun today. From the predicted temps for this month it looks like we can have many more outside activities as our summertime temps are going to hang on.

So thankful to God for all the blessings of this day and grateful for family fun. I hope your Labor Day was a great as mine was !
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

What a wonderful way to spend your Labor Day. Blessings