Wednesday, September 7, 2016


A few extra zzz's this morning made me feel refreshed and gave my sore , achy knees a little more rest. Thank fully with this bout of knee pain they don't hurt at night ,they only hurt when I stand or walk so sleeping isn't a problem.
After chores and breakfast I had devotions and then carried water to all my outside plants. We are soooo dry right now. Seems this summer has been a season of extremes, either too dry or too wet.
I took a short walk just to check out things around the farm.
The Kousa Dogwood berries are plentiful this year so the birds should be happy as they love these berries.

The Beauty Berries are also loaded this year with their pretty purple berries.

I noticed these roses are still blooming as they have all summer long in all kinds of weather.
Country living beauty is everywhere this time of year, so thankful to enjoy this season.

I hated to come inside on this beautiful day but my ovens are calling me !!
I baked 12 caramel, 6 chocolate, 1 coconut, 1 lemon layer, 5 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes by mid afternoon.
I took a rest break out in the hot sunshine knowing these 89 degree days are numbered kind of makes me glad and sad at the same time ! I look forward to the restful days of cooler weather but know I will sorely miss the feel of this warm sunshine on my skin.
Hubbie came in from work and took off up to church to help put up the huge tent for our annual Block Blast this Saturday. 
My nephew that now lives across the hill in #1 son's old doublewide called and said to be on the look out around the place as he had came in from work today and caught some guy on a silver moped snooping around up around the sheds and barn. He jumped on his moped and tried to run off before nephew stopped him. He said he just wondered where the driveway went ???  Why would you drive up in some ones yard just to see where their driveway went ???  Sounds like he was scoping the place out for something to steal to me. We have his tag number and a pic of the moped so if anything goes missing we'll know where to look .  I hate thieves !!!!!
I did chores then worked on paperwork awhile. I did the month ending figures for August and they were really low. I am surprised sometimes when I look at these figures because it doesn't seem like I am any less busy during the month than I used to be when the numbers were really good. I am very grateful as always for the amount I do sell each month.
I got weekly paperwork done just as darkness set in and I shut the chickens up and started icing all the cakes I baked.
I finished all the icing and got things packed up by 11:30 and headed to bath and bed.
Thankful for God's blessings for this day and praying for the family tonight, may all their endeavers be blessed by God.
God Bless and Good Night.

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