Friday, August 5, 2016


Up and down to breakfast on our last full beach day.

 Aa's family have decided to head home today in case BB gets sicker. He is acting fine this morning but fevers usually climb during the evening hours.
We took turns with the kids while they got their things packed up.  Aunt T played bubbles on the porch for all the kids. Even g-daughter thought this was great fun.

They left just before lunch and headed up the road.
We all headed out to the beach for one more day in the sun and ocean.

We came off the beach for a lunch break then went right back out to make the best of our last day. I love looking for Shark's teeth on these trips and I found some good ones this year.
I also found some pretty neat other treasures.
But hubbie took the prize this year for finds with this huge shell that he spotted under the water.

About 4:30 we packed it in and washed sand and salt off everything so it could dry while we went out to eat.
We ate tonight just over the bridge at a small place call Provisions, it was very good.

It was on the waterway and all the seating was outside under a covered patio.

I had their special chicken sandwich and it was delicious.  Everyone was happy with what they ordered.
We left there and stopped for ice cream at this place. I had a cone of their special raspberry, mango, coconut and it was good. 
We came back to the house and spent the evening packing.
I always have mixed feelings on this last evening as I am glad to be going home to check on everything but sad to think that vacation time is over for another year and by this time tomorrow it will feel as if I never left home !!!
I am humbly grateful to God for the blessed week we have had and the opportunity He gave me to spend it with my family and friends as we played and visited restfully in ways we can't do at home with everyone working. I humbly ask for His traveling mercies for everyone tomorrow as we all head out on the busy roads home. May He bless us and keep us safe.
God Bless and Good Night

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