Saturday, August 6, 2016


Well last night was not a good last night at the beach night. I was freezing when I got into bed and could not get warm even when I shut the air conditioning vent in our room.  My throat was scratchy and I had body aches all over, yuck !!!
Finally I saw daylight out the window and hubbie started moving around so we got up.
#1 son's family pulled out about 6am to head home while the kids slept.
My stomach does not feel good this morning so I made a cup of hot tea and tried to settle it down.
Thankfully we had most things packed last night so there wasn't much left to load this morning.
#2 son, Tif and daughter were in son's truck and hubbie and I had my Honda Pilot and we had both vehicles loaded to the gills.
We headed out to return keys and head up the road home.  We crossed the bridge off the island at 9:30.
I felt terrible and so so sleepy it didn't take long  to loose the trying to stay awake and help navigate battle. Hubbie said I must really be sick because this was the first time he had ever seen me sleep while he drove !!!
When we stopped for gas I had him get me a pack of peanut butter crackers thinking maybe eating something would ease my stomach pain. It helped a little but I still slept all the way home and was so cold I wrapped myself in an afghan I had in the car so hubbie could keep the air conditioner on low.
I knew I was chilling with fever but my stomach was too empty to take any medicine.
Thankfully we had no traffic problems and made it home in 5 hours. I was never so glad to see my house  than at 2:30 this afternoon.
I came inside and crashed on the couch wrapped in a blanket and slept without the air conditioning turned on .
Hubbie made some chicken noodle soup and roused me to eat some of it after he unloaded the car.
After I had some soup I went up to check on the chickens and was greeted by a site that just made my day even worse !!!

This is the second egg eating snake we have killed this season. This was a Black Snake and it was bigger than the Black Rat Snake we killed last month.
Everything is very soggy after a week of rain each day according to bro-in -law who watched after the farm while we were gone. There was 3 & 7/10ths  inch in the gauge this evening.
Back inside I pretty much slept the entire evening away . I have decided I probably should make a trip to Urgent Care in the morning to find out what is going on.
I have a 103 fever and cannot stay awake but have no other symptoms  ???
On a happier note my nephew Aaron got married this evening to his high school sweetheart. Congratulations to them !!

Thankful for God's traveling mercies for the entire family today.
God Bless and Good Night.

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