Tuesday, August 9, 2016


A better night of sleep last night as I woke with the alarm this morning !!!   When I first went to the door to let the dogs out it was raining hard but about 30 minutes later the sun came out. It must have rained for a long time before I got up because there was 7/10ths inch in the gauge.
Hubbie and I decided last night that I should go to the doctor today to make sure these painful blisters on my knee aren't the beginning of a Shingles attack. And I also discovered a bump above my right ear last week before I got sick that needs to be looked at.  UHHH !!!!  I hate getting older !!!!!
I called the doctor but they didn't have any available appointments at the office but suggested I go to their walk in clinic in Asheville.
After chores and breakfast I headed over that way thinking I can do that then just run all my errands in Asheville instead of Hendersonville.
I only had to wait about 20 minutes at the clinic to see the doctor which was really nice. He said I don't have Shingles just a really really bad case of Hand, Foot and Mouth virus. Or in my case he said it should be called Hand,Foot, Knee and Mouth virus !!!!
He gave me some cream to put on the blisters when they burst to keep them from getting infected but that was all he could offer for this type virus. He said what was normally a 5 day recovery probably would take me 2 weeks since it was so bad !!!    He also said the bump above my ear was probably an inflamed lympth node or maybe a type of cyst that I don't remember exactly what kind. He said if it begins to grow I should see my dermatologist , UHHH !!!! I hate getting older !!!!
I left the clinic and stopped at Walmart to pick up baking supplies for this weeks baking. There is a Subway in this Walmart and this was lunch today. At least I am a little hungry today !!!

I also made stops at Aldi for more supplies and in Fletcher at Foam and Fabric to get some pillow stuffing for a pillow order for next week end.
Then I went over to see my friend, Georgia who works the market table for me when I'm gone. She had all my cake crates and money from Saturday before last. We had a nice visit and she showed me this watermelon vine growing in her hedge row covered with huge watermelons.
She said the vine grew from spit out watermelon seeds as her grands always ate the melons there and spit the seeds in this hedge. The size of the melons was very impressive !!!!

I came home and unloaded the groceries and put things away then since it was too late to start the canning process before my 5:30 haircut appointment I rested.
Short rest as the phone repairman showed up and started working on my phone .
Hubbie came in from work and I left him to deal with the repairs and went to my friend / beautician Markeeta's to get a shampoo and haircut.
We always have a nice catch up session while I'm there. Her daughter is getting married next May and there was a lot of wedding talk.
The rain started while I was there and she gave me a plastic bag to keep my new hair do covered on the way home.
As I drove home the phone repairman was just coming down the pole on the side of the road in his rain coat.
He followed me home and we checked to make sure the phone and internet were working then he left.
Hubbie had a nominating committee meeting at church so I had the evening to myself.
#1 son and Re came by to pick up their mail.
The rain stopped and I did chores then started on my Spaghetti  Sauce canning. This stuff smells delicious!!!

It took longer than I thought it would and I was up until after midnight before the canners cooled enough to get all the jars out. I was pleased to have 11 quarts of Spaghetti sauce to go on the pantry shelves.

As I sit here typing this I hear the rain has begun falling again outside.
God continues to bless me so richly with fresh produce to put away for the winter and I am very thankful. God is soooo Good !!!!
God Bless and Good Night.

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