Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Up at 7am to meet the kids. They had breakfast then I went out to get the chores done. It is cloudy this morning but the air feels a little drier than the past several days. This mama has 5 babies and has abandoned her nest with a couple eggs left, the other mama is still hatching chicks .

Back inside I had my breakfast and then found g-daughter crashed in her entertainment bouncer.
G-son went outside to the front porch and I went downstairs to my sewing machine so that there would be no noise to disturb her slumber. She only slept about 5 minutes than woke up and I brought her down to watch me sew.
I finished all three of the little girls aprons I had cut out. These two were from the curtain valences I bought at the flea market.
This is one to replace one that matches a bonnet I have on the little girl manaquin at market.
To finish the morning g-daughter and I took a walk around the farm for about 30 minutes. I was hoping she would go to sleep in the stroller but not happening today.
This is going to be one lost little girl when her brother goes to school next week !!!! He was tickling her feet and she was screaming with laughter.
After we had lunch I spent the afternoon doing housework. I didn't get the floors cleaned but at least that's all I lacked.
I put g-daughter down for a nap after her afternoon bottle and she would only sleep another 5 minutes. She was so tired she did not have a good afternoon.
After d-in-love came after the kids I decided to go watch daughter's volleyball team play cross town rival Hendersonville.
Daughter has done a great job coaching these girls as she only has 2 sophomores left from last year and the rest are freshman, some who have never played before.
They won the game with her continued guidance along the sidelines.

Josh came to the game after he got off work and we had a nice visit. I stayed and watched one set of the varsity game and they also won their game. Head coach Sue Moon gives instructions.

I got home about 7:00 after having a nice visit with one of my cousin's wives, Kathy , who is a teacher also at the high school.
I did chores alone as hubbie has already gone to his nominating team meeting at church.
We got no rain today and the temp stayed around 80 with partly cloudy skies.
The "G", Gaston, storm was named today in the Atlantic but isn't expected to reach land.
Thankful for a wonderful loving Lord and for all my blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

The picture of g-daughter crashed in the saucer is so cute. what a little darling she is. Blessings