Saturday, August 27, 2016


Saturday market day breaks warm and sunny. Hubbie and I made it to market a few minutes early this morning but there were no lines of customers waiting.
Market was pretty slow all morning. Josh and daughter brought her baked goods in and stayed for a little while before heading home to do yardwork.
Hubbie visited with his friends until 11:30 then headed to Sam's Club and Walmart to do our weekly shopping.
It clouded up and cooled down a little bit by noon but we sellers were already wilted down by then in the 90 degree heat of the day.
I changed my table covering out today to the red checked I bought yesterday. This was at the end of the day and I didn't have too much left.

 I was very glad to see 2:00 come today in this heat.
I stopped at Aldi for baking supplies and then took the back way home to avoid all the traffic.
I ran through some very hard showers of rain on the way home. Hubbie had tried to bush hog this afternoon but got ran back to the house by passing showers.
It rained a pretty good shower this afternoon leaving about 2/10ths inch in the gauge and looks like we might get more rain overnight.
The storms are moving in from the east which is a strange direction for our weather to come.
I spent the afternoon relaxing in the sunroom with my 4-legged kids. Dolly does not act like she feels good at all but doesn't appear to be in any pain. She is just laying around.
After chores I tried to figure out a way to get all the wedding pictures downloaded to my Walgreens site but the way I found takes forever so I'm going to try something else.
It has thundered all evening but the storms so far have went to the south of our area.
Back in August 1986 we were still having summer fun with three little kids at the lake.

There was a drought that year and the lakes were very low.

I found these newspaper clippings in some old papers my mom saved about the Curb Market in August of that year.

And the kids all went to a day care owned by a friend of mine that year also and #1 son's class was pictures in an advertisement that month.
I am grateful for a good market sales day today and for all the other blessings that the Lord sent my way today.
God Bless and Good Night.

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