Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Both grands here at 8am today got my day started . After I fixed their waffles I went out to do the chores in a sunny humid morning.
G-daughter wasn't interested in eating this morning and fussed while I had my breakfast of oatmeal.
I could tell g-daughter was really tired so I put her in the stroller and she went to sleep while we walked.

Her nap didn't last long after my walk was over but I was sweating bullets by the time I came back inside.
G-son was playing games on his I-pad .
I put g-daughter in her play pen in the living room with g-son and she watched her Daniel Tiger on TV.

I finished my pillow order with 19 of these little eyelet pillows.

I fed both kids lunch then had my own before my baking duties for the day started.
I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate and 4 pound cakes with mid August usually comes a slow down in my business and this is the first day in a while that I have no orders.
About 2:00 a terrible thunder lightening storm rolled into our area. It seemed to be sitting right on top of us and the lightening and thunder were really scary.  This is looking toward our farm from our friends apple house .

 Both kids and I took cover in the back bedroom where we couldn't see the bright flashes of lightening so bad. I felt sorry for g-son as he kept saying how scared g-daughter was but I knew he was talking about himself.
Finally after almost an hour the storm moved on thankfully without any fires from lightening strikes and only 1 1/2 inches of rain in the gauge.  One of the near by neighbors wasn't so lucky and his huge barn was struck and set on fire by a lightening strike.
Also one of the radio stations on this side of town took a direct hit from a lightening bolt that damaged a lot of their equipment.
D-in-love picked the kids up and when hubbie came in from work we got out and surveyed the damage. We only found a stopped up ditch along the driveway which caused the drive to wash pretty bad but a few minutes with shovels and the ditch was opened .
We couldn't find Sadie our deaf Aussie and the last time I saw her she was headed for the barn in the early part of the storm. We checked there but she wasn't anywhere to be found and one of the lightening strikes sounded like it hit up around the barn so she probably ran off.
Hubbie rode up the road twice looking for any sign of her but there was none and since she is totally deaf there was no use calling to her.
After chores I did weekly paperwork and paid bills before starting my icing for the evening.
About 9:00 Aa called and said someone had Sadie's picture on facebook looking for her owners. They had picked her up on the side of the road during the storm. The lady called me and we found out her parents and me know each other as her dad used to teach at the high school my kids went to.
She is meeting hubbie at 2:00 tomorrow with Sadie to get her home. I am stopping at Petco to get name tags with our phone number on them for all our dogs. This is the second time someone has picked Sadie up on the road. But she is a very friendly dog and loves to ride so she just jumps right in their cars when they open the doors !!! We are very glad for the kind souls who are watching out for the dogs and are willing to pick them up and care for them until they get them home !!
I finished my icing and got into bed about midnight.
The "F" tropical storm is named and on its way across the Atlantic today.

Thankful to God for sparing us during the storm and for the blessing of finding Sadie .
God Bless and Good night

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linda m said...

That really sounded scary. Happy everyone is okay and that Sadie was found. Blessings