Monday, August 22, 2016


7am came waaaay too early today after the restless night of flipping and turning trying to find a position that something didn't hurt in !!!
G-daughter and g-son arrived at 7 and I got up with hubbie to greet them as he had to leave shortly and take #2 son's truck to the shop to have the emergency brake repaired.  He needed to have the truck there at 7:30 and daughter picked him up and dropped him back by here on her way to her first day of work as teachers had to go back today a week ahead of the students.This is a picture of her and the staff at the high school.

The kids  were having breakfast when EL and BB arrived. Re worked last night and needed to sleep this morning.
They had breakfast then the playing commenced. We had a great morning as all four of the kids really played well together.
EL got out all my old dolls and played with them for a long time. It was fun to watch her talk to them.

#1 son tried to tune the younger kids out some of the time.
But most of the time he and EL were best buds !!

And these two little ones , well they are just fun to watch !!!

They all had lunch under my supervision !
We got to play outside for a little while before Re came after EL and BB.  BB looks to be searching for water with this forked stick !!
G-daughter was glad to have the full attention of her big brother this afternoon .
After d-in-love picked them up hubbie and I loaded Sadie the tri colored Australian Shepherd and took her for her rabies shot at out vet's office.
After waiting for an extended amount of time and watching two dogs that came in after us get called back hubbie went up to the desk and ask what was going on. Oops , she forgot to give Sadie's folder to the nurse to be called back. They took her back immediately and gave her the shot and we still left before the other two dogs did and they apologized over and over for the oversite.
We sent over an hour in the office.
When we got home we had a salad for supper then did chores. We gleaned in the garden and it looks like another run of pasta sauce is in my schedule for tomorrow.
The chickens will also be happy in the morning as I have this many more tomatoes that have bad spots on them to feed to them.
 It is a beautiful evening after a rainfree cooler day with a high of only 81 degrees and party cloudy .
The sunset was very colorful tonight as hubbie and I had a few minutes to relax out in the covered patio.

Thankful for all the joy God sends my way each day and for His continued love.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

After such a busy day, I bet you were tuckered out. Blessings