Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Wow !!! A thunder storm kept us up for quite a while last night as the lightening was so close and the thunder really loud along with the wind and pounding rain all the way across the porch against our bedroom window.
I always think it is strange even with the very heavy rainfall overnight there is no standing water anywhere this morning as the sand soaks it all in.
It is still cloudy and foggy this morning.

A call to g-daughter's doctor this morning explains why she felt so tired yesterday and why today she has little blisters on her feet and hands. She must have gotten exposed to the Hand, foot and Mouth virus at VBS last week as the doc said she saw a lot of cases last week. There isn't anything to do for the virus and her fever seems to be less this morning after the breakout.At least the doc didn't talk like it was anything serious to worry about and she  acts fine this morning.
After breakfast the girls and g-son went bike riding.

I went fishing with the guys in the surf.

I'm glad I went with them as I was the only one who caught anything. This is the same kind of fish daughter caught yesterday.

We got sprinkled on but there were peaks of sunshine all morning.
When the bike riders got back they all brought the kids to the beach.

After lunch the sky clouded over again so g-son, d-in-love , hubbie and me went on another bike ride to the end of the island. G-daughter likes riding in this wagon behind d-in-love.

G-son wanted daughter , hubbie and I to go with him to an ice cream shop called the Sweet Geco.
We had ice cream, he got orange fudge which he said was very good.

We also went by the Food Lion and picked up supplies for grilled shis-ka-bobs for supper. We had a feast tonight !!!
G-daughter is still feeling a little under the weather as you can tell by looking at her eyes but she loves her uncle D !!

After we ate we headed over to the putt putt golf course.

We played inside games and then everyone rode go carts while g-daughter and I watched !!!

A fun evening ended with a tired crew at about 11:00 !!
Thankful for another blessed day .
God Bless and Good night.

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