Monday, August 15, 2016


G-daughter arrived at 8am this morning. She was happy as usual and ate waffles for breakfast.
I did chores and then hubbie headed over to daughter's house to go with her to return the Tousan SUV she drove for the weekend and to go with her to look at a couple other options as she didn't really like the small Tousan.
She drove a Jeep grand cherokee and they both decided that would be a much better vehicle for her.
The one she drove had too many miles for the price so she is continuing to look around.
G-daughter and I spent the morning doing 3 loads of laundry and cutting out some small pillows and some children's aprons to get some sewing done this week I have an order for 6 of the small pillows so they will have to be finished by Saturday.
G-daughter was happy to be outside in her play saucer while I worked in my shop. I got a scare when I opened the door of the shop when a black snake dropped in front of me but he was fast enough to go on his way before I could recover enough to get something to do him harm with. G-daughter thought it was very funny to see me jump and scream !!!!
There seem to be more snakes around this year than in years past.
Back inside g-daughter helped put clothes in the dryer but she had to rub them across her face to feel the cool wetness first !!!
I tried 4 times during the morning to get her to take a nap but she wasn't having that today !! !!  She also did not want to take her bottle as she usually does . Don't know if it was the frozen milk or just the bottle ??
She did eat a very good lunch of yesterday's left over potatoes, carrots and green beans. She especially likes green beans.
Aunt T and Pawpaw came home to have lunch of left overs also and g-daughter was very glad to see her Aunt T.
After aunt T left g-daughter and I went outside. I put her in her jogging stroller thinking she might go to sleep on the walk and take at least a short nap but that didn't happen either.
Hubbie changed the oil and filter in our lawn mower then came inside and got her to sleep but she only took a 15 minute nap before she woke up.
G-son spent the night and morning with his friend Walker and Candi, Walker's mom dropped him off at 2:30 this afternoon. G-daughter was glad to see her brother !!!
I fixed him some food and then tried to give g-daughter an afternoon bottle which she promptly refused to drink. She drank water from her sippy cup instead. Maybe tomorrow I will jusy put her milk in her sippy cup !!
While the kids played I broke the ends off all the green beans I picked yesterday and got them ready to make Dilly Beans.
D-in-love wasn't feeling well when she came to pick the kids up and was headed home to take a nap and hopefully get g-daughter to sleep also.
I made 10 pints of dilly beans before I did chores.

I did chores then tackled the baskets of tomatoes we picked yesterday. There were several Roma tomatoes so I decided to make some salsa with these . I made 15 pints of very thick tasty salsa from one of the baskets of tomatoes.

Leaving me still one basket of regular tomatoes to can tomorrow afternoon.
I have said before that August means food preservation time for me and this year is surely no exception as the garden is producing at the height of it's season right now.
#2 son came by this evening for a visit and said he and Tif were car shopping also tonight.
Today has been a very warm sunny day with an high of 87 degrees but none of the promised rain fell today. Looks like our temps are going to cool a little bit in the next week

Thankful for the grace that God provides each day and for all the bounty He gives me out of the garden.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I am tired just from reading about your busy day. How do you doit? The heat and humidity this summer have just sapped all the strength right out of me. G-daughter reminds me of my son when he decided that naps were for babies - he was only 18 months when he did that. Blessings