Monday, August 29, 2016


First day of school today !!!  G-son is starting his 4th grade !!! Where has my baby boy gone ????
G-daughter looked sad to see him go off to school and leave her !
She wasn't sad long as her playmates BB and EL came to spend the morning while mom slept after working all night.

EL was also sad that g-son wasn't here to play with her  and looked everywhere for another playmate ????  And as I look at this picture I wonder where my little baby girl went ?????
She decided to play with the 2 littles and they were tickled to have her hide under the bouncy seat and scare them !!!
Didn't take BB long to figure out what was going on !!!
These two are going to be very special friends growing up.
After lunch we went outside to enjoy the nice day.

After Re picked up BB and EL g-daughter took a much needed 30 minute nap. The nap was way to short for as tired as she was and there was no one to play with now so she had a hard rest of the day.
The new bigger play area did help !!!

D-in-love picked her up about  4:20 and then EL and BB came back while mom went to a staff meeting.  Aa made it home from work to pick them up about 5:30.
After chores I tackled the 2 baskets of tomatoes from yesterday and ended up with 17 pints of canned tomatoes. There is still too much water in the tomatoes and they float in the jars.
I can see the end of my canning season coming into view as the garden produce is really slowing down now. I am very thankful for the abundance of produce that God has blessed us with this year.
I am ending the evening with blogging and then bath and bed.
Thankful for the blessings of this day and the fact that I am feeling stronger each day now as I think I have finally turned the corner from all the sickness. My hands, knees and feet have finally stopped pealing and are beginning to look normal again. All in God's good time !!!!
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I can't believe that g-son is in the 4th grade now. He really has grown up before my eyes. . God has surely blessed you with all the fresh produce you have been able to preserve this summer. And I am sooo happy to hear that you are finally feeling stinger every day. Blessings