Sunday, August 21, 2016


A sunny morning greeted me as I did chores and got ready for church. Our old preacher, Mike Smith was the speaker today as he wanted to Baptize his grandson.

Two other folks also were Baptized this morning.
The service was waaay too long and I had to duck out at 12:15 in what seemed to be close to the middle of the service !!!
I had to get lunch started as all the little  kids can't wait until 2:00 to eat.
We had some of the wedding BBQ along with green beans, corn on the cob, french fries and slaw with sweet tea to drink.
Everyone came in about 30 minutes later so it was a good thing I left to get the food started.
# 1 son's family, daughter and Josh and Aa and the kids were our guest today. Tif is working, #2 son is golfing and Re is sleeping after working all night.
Everyone had a nice visit and when they all left hubbie and I decided to attack the jungle around the house that all this rain is producing. Forgive us Lord but an unrainy day has been hard to find lately to get any outside work done. Hubbie got on the lawn mower to mow the high grass and I dawned clippers and started working to cut some of this Lemon Balm out of this bed along with trimming the bushes back.  Here are the before and after pics for this back of the house flower bed.

I also tackled this Butterfly bush that has gotten way to big.

Then the pretty flowering vine that is quickly covering all the trees and bushes on this side of the well house .

I think my work makes the house look a lot better when you come up the driveway.
Just as we finished picking up all the brush that I piled to be hauled off the rain began to sprinkle but thankfully didn't amount to anything giving us our first rain free daylight hours anyway day as I did empty 2/10ths inch from an overnight shower this morning.
Thankfully Fiona won't be bringing us any tropical moisture as she is fizzling out in the unfavorable winds out in the Atlantic.
Marty, hubbie's brother came by to borrow a brush cutter hubbie has just as #2 son and Tif came for supper with us. We all had a nice visit. Tif said her sister just got engaged to be married also. I can't imagine what this next year is going to be like for her mother to have both daughters getting married !
#2 son left his truck here for hubbie to take into the shop for him early in the morning.
Hubbie and I finished out the evening doing the chores then relaxing.
I think I will have some sore muscles tomorrow from all my work today but it has been nice to feel like I have the energy to tackle this job today.
Grateful to a loving Lord for all the blessings of this day and for the strength He gives me each day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

I do think the Lord understood your need to take advantage of the break from the rain and do yard work on His Day. It is not like you do this every Sunday. Sure does look nice now. Blessings