Tuesday, August 2, 2016


One more sunny start to our 3rd beach day at Holden Beach.

These two were already playing well together this morning.

After breakfast the guys except for hubbie went golfing at one of the near by courses. D-in-love stayed inside with the grandkids this morning but Re, EL, BB, Tiffany,.daughter, hubbie and I headed out to the beach early to let the kids get in all the water and sand play they wanted before lunchtime.
They took advantage of the fun time.  We had bubbles  for EL to chase to her delight.

Hubbie and daughter decided to try their luck fishing and they had plenty of help from BB and EL.

Daughter as usual caught a nice Black Drum out of the surf for the only catch of the day.

Hubbie said he only got one bite and daughter hooked something else big enough to break her steel leader.
EL and Tif had fun playing in the ocean together !!

After we came inside for lunch the kids went down for naps and I decided to test my still sore knees with a walk to the end of the island with daughter and d-in-love. It was really pretty up at the end and I made it without much pain at all as I changed into my tennis shoes with the insoles for more support while I walked. I have never came to a beach anywhere and not walked on the beach as that is one of my favorite things to do.

When we got back hubbie,me daughter Tif , #2 son and Re went out on the beach for more sun and fun this afternoon.

#1 son's family went to Walmart and to get something to eat and the rest of us ordered pizza in tonight. While hubbie and daughter went to pick up the pizza I  tried out my knee once again with a bike ride to the end of the island. Just as I got back I met #2 son and Tif  pulling out to go to the general store down the street so I went with them.  I got fussed at by the other kids because no one knew where I went .(a smiley face goes here because it is really nice to be that loved and cared about)
After we ate the young folks rode bikes while hubbie and I sat on the porch and had our coffee and tea. I can't see the sunset from this house locations but the sky is pretty tonight with an inland storm creating some cloudiness.

We all spent the evening sitting out on the porch and just talking which was really nice.
Thankful to God for another blessed day for watching over all the things at home.
God Bless and Good Night.


linda m said...

That beach sure looks inviting. With all the heat and humidity we are having I think a trip to the ocean is high on my list. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. Have a great weekend and may god Bless all of you.

Betsy Adams said...

I am following you on your annual beach trip... Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time....Your family is expanding... Each year, you are adding more and more to your annual vacation... LOVE it.