Saturday, August 13, 2016


Up and out early to get ready for market. I am sure glad I feel better this Saturday than last !!!
We made it to market about 10 minutes early today but there were very few customers around .
Business warmed with the day and I had a decent day selling out of whole caramel cakes by noon but still had halves for the late caramel cake seekers.
There are a lot of vegetables in market right now and that typically brings bigger crowds.
I have some new neighbors across the aisle that sell all leather dog collars.Fran and Mary are two sister who do these. In this pic one of the sisters talks with a customer.
 I felt like I was melting in the heat of market as the day wore on and customers grew scarce .
I packed up a little early and it was nice to get in my air conditioned car.
I only had one stop at Aldi to make and I made it home at 3:00.
Hubbie was bush hogging the pasture so I unloaded and put things away then crashed on the couch for a long nap to get cooled off. I am still suffering from tiredness from being sick this week and the heat just magnifies it.
Hubbie came in just as the news came on and we watched that then did chores.
I sat on the porch and caught up my blog book reading this evening. Hopefully I can get my blog post all caught up also later,
Hubbie and I both only wanted a slice of cold watermelon for supper tonight as we are both suffering from the heat of the day.
Thankful for a loving Lord tonight and looking forward to praising His name tomorrow with my church family.
God Bless and Good Night.

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