Thursday, August 18, 2016


Market Thursday broke cooler and cloudy bu really sticky humid.
I made it to market on time and sales were slow as expected. I am thankful for what I did sell today.
Just about closing time I looked out the  windows and saw the sky turning an eerie dark color so I hurriedly got things loaded up. By the time I finished the rain had started.
I went through the drive thru and the bank and the post office but got a good soaking at Aldi as the rain got harder.
Thankfully there wasn't any loud thunder or lightening today.
Hubbie had put Sadie in the basement when he brought her home just in case of another storm.
At my Walmart stop I used my umbrella on the way in but the rain had passed on my way out.
My last stop was at Petco to make name tags for the dogs. The cheapest one they had was $9 so I made Sadie one and will check online for cheaper prices for the other dogs.
I made it home at 4:30 and got things unloaded before hubbie came in from work.
We rested a few minutes then EL and BB came to stay while their parents went to a parents night at the pre-school EL will start attending when school starts.
We had fun playing all evening. It's hard for me to believe this beautiful little girl is going to start pre-school, it just seems she was a tiny baby just yesterday !!!!

 Little brother BB is going to miss his playmate  for sure !!

After they were picked up tonight hubbie and I relaxed and went for an early bedtime.
This has been a busy day for d-in-love who went to the doctor this morning with dizziness she has had all week. She was diagnosed with displaced "crystals" in her left ear. She had to go back to a special doctor who deals with this condition at 2:30 to learn the moves to hopefully put these "crystals" back into place. She said she feels like it worked and she feels normal tonight.
Daughter had a busy afternoon also as she went to Asheville to check on a couple Jeeps that Skyland Auto had advertised on their website. Turns out the price was wrong on the jeeps and she came away without trading cars. This wrong online pricing sounds like a desperate attempt by this dealership to get customers into their dealership, how sad to resort to this !!!
Thankful for the loving arms of Jesus Christ who gives me strength each and every day and shares His love with all who believe.
God Bless and Good Night.

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linda m said...

Thankful that d-in-love found out what is wrong and can be helped. Can't believe EL is starting pre-school. Wow, time is sure flying by. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings