Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After morning chores I spent the rest of the morning sewing aprons. I had to put a trim on the brim of a white bonnet I made last week to cover an oil spot from my machine. My machines are all old and sometimes it's a challenge to keep things clean. This time the trim is actually a very nice touch for this plain white bonnet.
After lunch I iced 12 caramel cakes while wearing a hot pack on the back of my neck. Several years ago I damaged a nerve in my neck and sometimes,especially after I sew for an extended length of time it feels like a bee stinging me in the neck. I have a long hot pack that I continually heated in the microwave and it felt good to keep it laying around my neck.
#1 son came over to meet the wound care nurse, they got visits approved through the end of August for her to continue dressing the wounds on his leg. One of them is not healing properly and the doctor needs to look at it tomorrow when he goes in for an appointment. I think antibiotics would help speed the healing process, but what do I know !! All I know is I'm glad he's in a better frame of mind today than he was Monday.
He ate a sandwich after she left and then went to check on his equipment.
The skies turned very dark and the thunder and lightening were very close.
The rain was not as hard as yesterdays and didn't last very long but at least we were on the edge of the bad storm that was passing through.
When hubbie came in from work it had stopped raining but it was to wet to do anything outside. A friend of mine had made a trip to SC to get peaches today and I needed to run over to her house to pick up a basket she had brought for me, so hubbie rode along and we went on out to Subway and picked up a sandwich for supper.
Back home after eating our sandwich I had loads of paperwork to do and bills to pay, so hubbie went to pick up daughter from her trip while I did that.
I finally finished July's end of the month figures and got this weeks bills payed. I have a list of extra errands for tomorrow, wish me luck !!!!
I finished icing chocolate and coconut cakes,labeled everything and located some towels to take to market to work on making some towel angels tomorrow if it's slow.
I'm finished early tonight, it is only 11:15 so with my neck still bothering me I'm off to soak in a hot tub for a while.
Thanking God for the blessings of this day and everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry about your neck pain.... I have a spot on the upper part of my leg which feels like something burning.... Think I may have a disc problem in my back --which is causing that leg to burn and feel numb at times... It has nothing to do with the knee problem... Oh---the joys of getting old.

Hope your son can get that leg healed... I know he's frustrated... I would be too...

We got a little rain tonight --maybe 1/2 an inch. BUT--some rain is better than no rain. It's still VERY hot here.