Monday, August 9, 2010


I woke to a ringing phone this morning and it seemed the rest of the day took on that same urgency.
While it was cool this morning I worked in my sewing shop,I'm out or very low on several things at market and just have not had time when it is cool enough in my shop to work.
I got several towel aprons and jean aprons cut out and got 1 of each finished before it got too hot just before lunch and I had to go inside.
Daughter had been in the kitchen baking Blackberry bread and muffins all morning.
#1 son and g-son arrived just as I was closing up shop.
We all had lunch and son's nurse came right after.
She had bad news for him, the cut where the stitches were taken out too early has too much slough in it to put the wound vac back in and she couldn't reach his doctor to ask what they wanted to do.
He has not felt well all weekend and she was also concerned that he might have a bug and the fever was being masked by the tylenol he was taking.
He was not in the mood today for bad news and didn't take it well.
There is also a question by his insurance company as to why he is taking so long to heel.
He has a doctor's appointment Thursday luckily so I guess he'll just wait till then to find out what they want to do next.
He still has no feeling in his foot and cannot move it up and down.
While all this was going on with him, daughter ,her boyfriend and I were in the kitchen elbow deep in blackberries.
We made 17 pints of cooked jam and another 5 pints of freezer jam, she baked 12 loaves of bread and 12 muffins and we still froze 10 quart bags full of berries, whew !!!!All jars sealed and all jam jelled, a successful jam making day !!!
G-son played with boyfriend while we worked so everyone had a job on this hot Monday in August.
G-son went with his mom grocery shopping and #1 son went to his friends business this afternoon.
Daughter went to volleyball practice at 3 and then work at 5 and she will come home tonight and finish her baking as she is going to Columbia, SC for the next 2 days with her volleyball team for a team camp.
After everyone left I spent an hour cleaning up the mess from all the blackberries and washing all the bowls and pots.
Hubbie brought in a bag full of cayenne peppers,he wants to make green tomato pickles.
I need to find a good recipe before I tackle that.
We are starting to get a lot of tomatoes so it soon will be salsa making time also.
August is always my busiest canning month.
Rain went all around us this evening so I took a long walk again.
After sitting out in the sunroom and watching darkness fall I came in and baked some pound and wine cakes. Getting finished just before daughter came in to do her baking.
Praying tonight that God intervene in son's life. Help him understand and have patience to cope with his injuries.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

What a blackberry production! It's good to know it all is saved for winter.

Sending healing thoughts for your son.

NCmountainwoman said...

So sorry your son had yet another setback. I'm sure it is disturbing for all of you.

The blackberries and tomatoes have been wonderful this year. You will appreciate all your hard work come winter.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Blackberries are my berry favorite. I think I would be in Heaven with all those jams and breads.
Praying for your son that he heals soon.

Ardith said...

You changed your Blog heading picture! It's pretty, but I liked the other one better. I am intrigued by the blackberry bread...can you publish the recipe? I've got berries in the freezer, and get tired of cobbler! Thanks, God Bless.