Friday, August 27, 2010


Well after I finally got my knee settled into a raised position that I thought would melt the swelling away overnight I had a good night's sleep. There is still no pain even though the swelling is still with me this morning ,thank you Lord.
My plan was to do what little baking and icing I needed to do for today and then spend the rest of the day elevating and icing my knee.My self-diagnosis with the help of a nursing friend is Bursitis and as long as it doesn't get inflamed the swelling should go down with rest and ice. And no the red mark on my good knee is not a surgery scar it is a dog scratch !!!

Well about my knee resting plans for today, you know what they say about the best layed plans!!!
When I poured my soy milk over my cereal for breakfast I noticed it wasn't cold.
When I checked the frig I discovered nothing was very cold in the frig part but the freezer part which was running constantly was okay. SOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
My frig is probably 12 years old , I've already had it worked on once a couple years ago and I know it recently started leaking defrost water.
I decided it was time for a new one, so instead of putting my feet up, my feet took me to Lowe's , then to Home Depot, then back to Lowes, I found the frig I wanted in Lowes and they matched Home Depot's discount on energy star appliances. But they could not deliver it until late tomorrow evening.
Luckily I drove hubbie's truck and he met me there so they got the frig loaded in the truck,3 guys and hubbie lifted it up and sat it in the truck, hubbie tied it down and away I went. At home it was to high to get into the car port and the clouds were looking like rain so I put a tarp on it until everyone gets home from work.
I did get to put my feet up for about an hour before it was time to start cleaning out the old frig. I had to get coolers with ice packs to put the stuff out of the frig part in. Since the freezer is still working I left all that alone.
After hubbie,#2 son and daughter got here we began to try to get it out of the truck, that sucker weighed over 300 lbs.
#1 son came by to pick up some stuff to make fishing lures with and helped us figure out a way to get it in the house.
You aren't supposed to lay a refrigerator on its side because oil will run out of the compressor into the lines and clog them. Soooooo !!! we finally got it in the house,whew!!
I didn't realize it until I put it in the house but it is the same brand that I had before. Just a few more bells and whistles.
Once we got it set up daughter's b-friend was here so we took the old one outside,if anyone drives up in my yard tomorrow before hubbie get's help to load it in the truck,I don't know what they'll think.
Daughter did her baking while hubbie and I finished work at church and them I finished icing my chocolate cakes.
We didn't get any rain today but the temperatures are slowly creeping back to the middle 80's with low 60's at night. It is supposed to really warm up the first of the week,we'll probably have to turn the air back on but it's been nice while it lasted.
Thanking God for kids who don't mind helping whenever we ask.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

oh--your knee looks horrible, Marilyn... Please take care.

Sorry about your frig--but sounds like you got a good deal... Glad you have both Home Depot and Lowe's to dicker with.. We only have Lowe's here.

It's supposed to be back up to 87 today here ---but Sunday and Monday's temps are in the low 80's... SO--we'll leave our AC off until it gets unbearable again.

Please take care of that knee.

Ardith said...

Just when things look like they might be getting better - #1 son, you, etc. - it falls apart again. How wonderful that you have faith in the Lord to get you through it all. He works wonders! Take care and God Bless.