Monday, August 23, 2010


Up early this morning to get started with dealing with the in-laws old house. Went to the insurance office to pay the premium. Then went to meet the realtor that we are listing the house for sale with. Hubbie mowed the lawn while we waited on her and discovered a yellow jacket nest in the back yard. It's a thousand wonders he didn't get stung all over. He had the mower sitting on it when he saw the bees.
After we finished with that meeting it was time for #1 son to go to his doctor's appointment so we headed home to have lunch and get g-son.
After we ate we went back to look for hubbie a couple old pairs of work pants,the uniform company at his work place didn't bring his uniforms yet and he doesn't want to get paint on any of his clothes.
We checked at Goodwill but he didn't find anything and we decided just to wash the one uniform he has every night.
We stopped by Ingles to get a few groceries. G-son was so good the whole time.
It is another hot day today 87 degrees this afternoon. By the end of the week it is suppose to get quite a bit cooler,I hope so.
Who is this masked gardener???????????????
They are trying to find some ripe muscadines.
I forgot to mention he is also the sheriff around these parts !!!!!!!!
He is getting so big I can't believe it sometimes. All he talks about is getting to go back to school next week.This morning glory vine just came up here and preceded to cover this fence which is wonderful. Hubbie said you need to plant one of those there every year. I didn't bother telling him mother nature actually planted it there. I can't wait to see what color the blooms on this one are.
#1 son got more bad news at the doctor today. The culture they took of the wound last week came back showing a staph infection. It is a moderate infection and he has an appointment with the infectious disease doctors that treated him before in the hospital Wednesday morning. He called his wound care nurse to talk to her about it and she said it isn't the really serious type of staph and they will probably just treat him with antibiotics. She thinks he has had this infection for a couple weeks already and they just wouldn't check until the wound stopped healing.
He didn't act to upset when he came by to pick up g-son this evening and said he didn't feel as bad today as he has been feeling. I just pray they don't have to put him back in the hospital to treat it, but then this may be a blessing to get some other doctors involved.
After a long walk this evening and a short break I baked some cakes.
Thanking God for the blessings He gave me today and praying for His blessings for son's healing.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh that little masked man is a good helper, isn't he????? He is growing like a weed.

Sorry about son's news... Gosh---I wish those doctors would talk to one another --and work together. (Sounds like our Government!!! ha)... Hope son doesn't have to go to the hospital.

Sorry you all haven't been able to see the inlaw's home. The economy has hurt so many people. You'd think someone would buy it for a rental investment...

Glad hubby didn't get stung.

Have a good Tuesday.