Thursday, August 5, 2010

DAY 5 OF VBS 2010

Market was busy even with the extreme heat of the day. By noon it was really hot inside market even with all the fans. Shortly after lunch the clouds started rolling in and after a shower of rain the temperature dropped to about 87 but the pavement and sidewalks in town were just steaming.
I ran my weekly errands along with a couple Avon stops and made it home before other rain fell. No rain had fallen here when I got home but it was dark and stormy looking.
After unloading and putting things away I rested for a few minutes before VBS.
Tonight wasn't so bad, we had more help from some youth and the kids seemed to be tired.
Shortly after we got in church it rained really hard,I called hubbie to see if we were lucky enough to be getting rain at my house and thankfully we were. Ahhhh, watering duties can be postponed again.
Practicing for our program tomorrow night. This may be very interesting !!!!Making cat puppets was fun.Everyone thinks aunt T is fun to play with.
I can tell by the number of pictures I took tonight that it is the end of the week.We had 15 kids tonight.
It has been a good week all in all, tiring but rewarding, as I watched all these youngsters have such a good time basking in the love of our great and precious God.
#1 son went to his doctor today and they started electric shock therapy to try to get some muscles working on one side of his foot. He has 3 treatments a week for a month and then they will re-evaluate.
G-son has been begging to spend the night at our house all week and tonight he gets his wish as pawpaw is off work tomorrow.
He and pawpaw are already in bed as I write this.
I didn't sleep well last night and am looking forward to a long nights sleep tonight.
Thanking God for a wonderful week full of blessings at VBS.
Good Night and God Bless.

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