Saturday, August 21, 2010


Market wasn't as busy today as the several previous Saturdays, but I still did pretty good.
One of my market neighbors had these tickets and wasn't going to use them tonight.I am not a football fan so I passed on the offer ,but when daughter came in she took the tickets and her and her boyfriend went to the game tonight.
It has rained all day today, and I'm not complaining,but I do wish our weathermen would have warned me so I could have been a little more prepared with a rain jacket,it's hard to carry things to the van and hold an umbrella too! Oh well I'm sure I won't melt, I might float away though!!! Ha ha ha!! It's been many days since we've had a slow all day rain.
I got soaked at every stop on the way home. Hubbie has worked at church all day,at the workday we had. He ate lunch there so I stopped at Taco Bell and had a crunch wrap for my late lunch on the way home.Wasn't much traffic on the roads, I think everyone was at Walmart !!, uhhhhh what a crowd in there.
Hubbie got home about the same time I did and helped me unload, I was glad because my wet blouse is already freezing me .
We took it easy for the afternoon and evening,while the rain continued until almost dark tonight. The rain gauge had another 1" in it for today.
I had time to look through more pictures tonight and found these for August 2000...The Curb Market celebrated 75 years in business,opening in1925.We made our yearly trip to Dollywood, this is daughter and me on the big merry-go-round. This is one of the few rides I'll go on.The beach trip that year was to Charleston,SC. This the Pearman Bridge over the Cooper River on the way into Charleston. This bridge which was built in 1966 has since been replaced by a new bridge called the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge that opened in 2005.
Here is #2 son, daughter and hubbie coming out of the ocean. #1 son had graduated high school the previous May and had a job and girlfriend and did not make this trip with us.Charleston is known for it's wonderful seafood and this is one of our favorites.Here is me,#2 son and hubbie waiting patiently for our table.In the summer of 2000 #2 son had a job at Chimney Rock Park so before school started back we took him up on his offer of a free trip to the top of the rock where he worked.One of son's jobs was putting the flag up and down everyday! I am afraid of heights so even the thought of that scared me.This is hubbie and me on one of the trails. I did not go up the stairs on to the rock.This is daughter on the rock,wow, what a view !!!
As I look back at these pictures I realize how busy we were but also how much fun we had together as a family. These are wonderful memories for me.

Daughter just sent me a picture on my phone of the football field from where their seats are and they are waaaayyy up high. At least the rain didn't reach down there.
It's been a nice quiet evening ,hubbie had a race to watch on TV and I sorted through old pictures.
Thanking God for the thirst quenching rain and asking for a safe trip home for daughter and friend tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I am a football fan--and had read (before reading your post) that Carolina got beat 9-7 last night.... Not a very good game for your daughter to see I guess... But--just being there is fun sometimes.

Love the old pictures... It's so neat that your family did so many things together. Great pictures.. That flag at Chimney Rock is gorgeous... What a job for your son.

Speaking of your oldest, how is his foot? I'm sure he is anxious to go back to work. Is he on disability or unemployment??? I'm sure he is anxious to be able to do the things he loves.

We got almost no rain yesterday... It went all around us--like it usually seems to do... Darn!!!! BUT--it's cooler, and we opened the house up this morning for the first time since early June (or before)... I hate AC--and love feeling the fresh air from outside.

Have a great day.