Sunday, August 15, 2010


Church service was uplifting this morning. We are still going through the book of Romans and today's sermon dealt with how we as Christians are being watched closely by no-believers and how we should handle uncomfortable situations as God would have us handle them to glorify His name.
Daughter came home after Sunday school to rest and she had lunch in the oven by the time we got here.
Everyone made it to lunch today.
As soon as we finished us ladies headed out to my niece's baby shower.She is expecting a bouncing baby boy on October 12th. All she asked for today was a week or so early delivery !!Since no one could grant that request the baby gifts were plentiful.
We didn't stay long as daughter had to work this afternoon.
We came home,hubbie's brother was here passing time during the shower.
Daughter went to work, d-in-love went home to edit photos and g-son and #1 son stayed here for awhile and had a nice visit with uncle Marty.
After everyone left it started to rain, it was thundering in the distance but thankfully never got close. We had a nice rain shower and the the sauna effect set in so we stayed inside. We left the cattle in the upper pasture as there has been some flash flooding in other parts of the county.
Dolly and Bernie got hair trims and baths tonight.
Last night I started my monthly decade picture stories and I started with 1980 because that was after I was married. Today I looked back through some old pics to see if I could find anything from 1960 or 1970 and I found a couple from each year that had dates on them of August of that year.
In 1960 I was 6 years old and getting ready to start 1st grade. Back then there was no kindergarten.
My brother's birthday was always on or around the first day of school,which usually started on August 26th.
Here we are on his 4th birthday on August 26,1960.
Back then school pictures were made the next week after school started and here is my 1st grade picture. I hated school back then by the way. I was put on the bus every morning teary eyed.
I don't remember anything about my 1st grade year in school except I cried alot !!!

On to 1970 and what a difference 10 years made, I loved school by this time and at age 16 I thought I ruled the world.

I had never seen the ocean so shortly after my 16th birthday I talked my mom into going with me to Myrtle Beach. I had worked all summer and saved enough money to pay for both of us and I just wanted to go to the beach. She finally gave in and went with me.I loved the ocean and my mom was scared to death that I was going to wash away in the waves.
I remember my mom would not even come on to the sandy beach,she would sit on the benches along the old boardwalk and watch while I stayed on the beach.
I never asked her and don't remember her ever saying but I am guessing that was the first time my mother saw the ocean also. She didn't even know how to drive a car until she married my dad and she was mid thirties when they got married. And you could never drag my dad to the beach or anywhere else for that matter. He was a farmer who loved the land he was on and never wanted to leave it, even for a few days.
As I looked back at these old photos the difference in Myrtle Beach back then my kids couldn't believe. I just can't believe it was 40 years ago !!!!!!!!!!

Bringing this wonderful Sunday to an end with a prayer of thanks for the blessings I receive each and every day and don't deserve.
Good Night and God Bless.


Patty H. said...

I enjoy reading about your days. The first trip I made to the beach I was about 17 or so. I can't swim so just walked in the surf, laid on the beach, went to sleep an go so burnt! Bad. But it was fun.
Praying your day goes well.
Patty H.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how I love seeing the old pictures... You went to the beach when you were 16--and I did TOO.. I grew up in VA --and my parents took me to Daytona Beach when I was 16. I'll have to find those pictures...

Sounds like you all had another great Sunday... We are still very hot and DRY... No rain here... Darn!!!

Have a great Monday.

Ardith said...

I grew up going to the beach to salmon fish, dig razor clams, catch big crabs, camp, etc. We were only a couple hours away from the ocean and went there often. It's hard to imagine people who have not seen it. By the way, I remember going to Kindergarten and that would have been in 1949 or 1950! Maybe the West Coast was more advanced? :) Have a good week. Love your pics. Take care and God Bless.