Sunday, August 1, 2010


As I sat in church this morning I was especially thankful today because #1 son was able to make it to church this morning for the first time since his accident almost 2 months ago.
Our church family surrounded him with love and concern after service.
We fixed a spaghetti lunch and everyone made it except daughter who came by later on her way from one job to another.
Everyone had a relaxing afternoon. It was still very cloudy and cool,it feels so good to have a break from all the heat. I heard on the news today that this has been the 3rd hottest July in our history and can sure believe that!!
The mid 70's of today along with the clouds almost seemed too cool.
Tonight is the first day of Bible School and g-son and I looked forward to it all afternoon.
Wow!!!! We had 16 4-5 year olds in our class, that's a big class.We're the only class that filled up our entire pew.This little Bunk House within our class room was an ingenious idea because there is just enough room inside for all the kids to sit and listen to the lesson without being able to move around.This is my 3rd year with g-son in his class and I'm amazed each year at the difference in him,he is growing up so fast.This is how we travel , with 16 kids there is no way we could turn them lose to go from one class to the other.Patiently waiting for the music to begin !!!G-son giving break dancing lessons !!!!Music is always a favorite class for most of the kids ,especially when the shakers are handed out.Ridin' out on the range !!This looks like a serious discussion between g-son and a friend,possibly about horse color !!As they rode off onto the range I noticed they had switched horses,I'm glad they settled that between themselves !!!I sure love this little cowpoke !!!
He was so tired when we got home I had to carry him in the house and he went to sleep while I was talking to his mom and dad about his first day. Bless his heart !!!No one enjoys Bible School more than he does. He is such a sociable little boy and has such a sweet personality.
It was misting rain as I came home tonight and the temperature is so cool tonight .
An early bedtime is on tap for me tonight. I'm definitely going to need extra rest this week!!
Thanking God for a wonderful Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Where did your MILD weather come from , Marilyn????? We are still in the 90's and it's miserably hot.... Gee!!!!

Glad you and grandson loved VBS.... I spent so many years directing/leading/teaching VBS... So many wonderful memories---but alot of hard work (with all of the decorations).

Hope you have a good week...Glad No. 1 son made it to church...


Claudia said...

As we were leaving from church last night I could see you and G-son leaving and I could see it on his face he did not want to go home ... HE LOVES VBS!!! That's for sure!!

Nicolas had a good time too - he did tell me "Mommy, I was mad, I didn't want to sing!" :)

They will have wonderful memories of this hot summer evenings attending VBS together.

SOOOOO HAPPY THAT #1 SON WAS AT CHURCH YESTERDAY ... ALONG WITH MY MOTHER-IN-LAW TOO, they had both suffer a lot with their injuries.