Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tuesday housework and laundry day will be challenging today . #1 son is having out patient surgery today to de-bree his open wound that has stopped healing. Praying that they don't have to go very deep to get all the slough out. D-in-love will be with him all day so g-son is staying here.
I got an early start on a few things I knew would be the hardest to have a little helper in.
He helped me with the laundry every load,he loves to help put clothes into the washer,but he doesn't want to touch them when they go into the dryer because they "feel slick" !!!!
We had extra loads of laundry as this is the last day of the month. I slowly got all my cleaning done between the request for food and drink and the "I just want to talk to you" times as well as a few hugs and games mixed in.
Son's surgery was scheduled for 1:00 and he went in right on time. The doctor came out and said he didn't have to go deep to get the slough out and the wound looked very good. They are going to put a wound vac on it tomorrow and he said it should heal quickly.
But this is the doctor that his own PA said painted a pretty picture that wasn't always as it seemed, so we'll wait and see.
After surgery they were getting ready to leave and son started itching all over. They gave him something for that and he got really sick at his stomach, so he had to stay until 6:00 this evening . Hubbie and I went over to help him get in the house and he looks very pale and he had a terrible headache.
Talked to d-in-love later and she said he was running a slight fever,but he had eaten and felt some better.
Lord, Lord will this ever end ??????

My evening was busy,hubbie mowed grass until after dark and I baked more layers for cakes and iced 6 caramel cakes for people who want to pick up their orders early.
Daughter was doing her baking tonight also and we bumped into each other more than once. She usually bakes on Wednesday,hopefully we can get back on separate schedules .
Things will slow down after this holiday weekend.
I am very tired tonight, my knee was getting better and most of the swelling had gone down,that is until today and back to climbing up and down those stairs to do laundry. I kept a brace on it all day and that helped some,tonight it isn't as big as it was last week. There was more pain today than last week. I can tell by how it feels when I come up the stairs that's whats doing the damage.

While going through old pictures I ran across these dated August 31,1954. This is me as a 1 month old. I am being held by my mom in our yard and in the one with my dad it looks like they took me to the field where he was working. He was a produce grower and it looks like he is standing in a field of something. Sorry you can't see his face I tried several ways to bring it out but even in the original it is all shaded.
Being a late life baby, especially for my dad,he was 53 when I was born,I'm sure this was a prideful time in their lives. There were several more pictures on this same day with me being held by various aunts and uncles.The house I grew up in is in the background of this picture before dad added on to it. In this picture it had an outhouse. In fact I remember going to the bathroom in that outhouse. That is our old early 50's oldsmobile parked in front of the house. I remember we kept that car until I was a teenager, then they bought a 1967 used chevelle.
When my mom and dad got married he had to teach my mom how to drive,she had never driven a car and she was in her mid 30's.
The last day of August has been a typical summer day,temperature of 87 and plenty of sunshine. A lower humidity makes it feel better and helped dry clothes hanging out on the line really fast today. This month has flown by for me, I forgot a vet appointment that I had marked on the calender yesterday because I thought it was next week. This time of year is typically the busiest for me ,I'm glad my life isn't always this hectic and busy, I'm afraid I wouldn't last long at this pace !!!
I am saying a prayer for the coastal residents of NC tonight as some of them are being evacuated because of a possible hit by hurricane Earl. My life seems docile compared to what they are going through right now,bless them Lord.There is another named system behind this one,Fiona ,I hope it stays out to sea.
I am finished baking and am watching the late news,it is 11:30 and it's nice to have a little earlier bedtime.
Thankful for God's hand on son today and His blessings on me.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I'm LATE in getting to comments today... I'm so sorry to hear about your son's latest surgery... I feel so sorry for him. He's been through so much with that leg. I hope and pray that he can finally get some relief.

My Daddy was 53 when I was born also --and Mama was 42... I was their 3rd and last baby --and I think I was definitely a big surprise!!!!!

We also owned a 1955 Olds... It was one of those big ones ---a 98 I think... They kept it until after I went to college I think...

Great set of pictures. You are the cutest little baby in the world!!!!!

Yes--let's pray for those on the coast. Hurricane Earl looks wicked... Hope he stays out to sea..