Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have been so forgetful lately that I now make a to do list and lay it on the table,so each time I sit to eat I look at it. So far so good.
I sewed little jean aprons this morning. I finally found some kids jeans for $1 in Salvation Army thrift store last week,so I made all 6 of them into aprons.
Made a call to a lady who is wanting more for her grand daughters,maybe she'll get there to choose hers first.
I had cut out some baby pillows last week to be sewn up today but they got put off because it took me until lunch time to get these done.
#1 son came by for a while,he still has a headache from the surgery yesterday. His wound vac is supposed to be here tomorrow ,so he can get the tight bandages off his leg,maybe that will help.

I had to take 3 of our dogs to the vet at one time,since I forgot to take Sadie in for her rabies shot on Monday. Bernie and Dolly had to have heart worm test so they can get more medicine.
They all behaved like champs and the visit was uneventful thank goodness.
When I got home I looked at my list and marked some things off that I had gotten done and saw those pillows that were on there to be made so I went to my shop,turned the big fan on and finished all those pillows, 18 in all.These are small pillows made from narrow eyelet material that I get from a lady at one of the flea markets I visit sometime.
Yea !!! I got to mark that off the list today and that made it a clean sweep for today,
maybe I should have started keeping a to do list sooner.
It gives you an accomplished feeling each time you mark something done!!!
Daughter and hubbie went to church tonight to move the things in their Sunday school room to another room.
While they were gone I payed bills and did some paperwork,I can't believe it's the end of another month !
Daughter did some baking when she came back and then I iced more caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes. I have several orders for tomorrow. This is one of the weekends that I hate at market,with the Apple Festival going on up town you can't drive or walk without being in a crowd. Saturday morning I will have to get to market extra early to find a parking place close enough to not have to carry all my cakes a mile .A friend of mine wrote a book about our market. Most of the vendors have a chapter about them in her book. I picked mine up Saturday but haven't had time to do anything but look at the pictures. I can't wait till I have time to read it through,it looks very interesting.This is the photo that introduces my chapter. Ann took this picture last winter when she caught me sitting in front of my cake shelf sewing on a storybook doll.
Ann has had several trials in her life, she lost a husband to cancer, fought breast cancer herself, but through her faith in Jesus Christ she is now one of the happiest ,upbeat people I know. Re-married to a wonderful, supporting husband and succeeding at doing what she loves,writing.
She is having several book signings around the area and if you're interested in getting one of her books,they are for sale on
This first day of September has been a 88 degree summer day with a cat.4 hurricane baring down on the NC outer banks. We have made many trips to the Hatteras and Okracoke Islands and they are so beautiful I sure hope Earl stays far enough off the coast to spare them too much damage.
Thanking God tonight for the many blessings I have in life.
Good Night and God Bless.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I adore the pink pillows!!! Do you have any suggestions for making pillows? Did I mention I do not sew? I bought some material yesterday and I would like to make some pillows for my grandbaby's room.
I also adore Henderson. Hope to visit soon before Christmas.

Ardith said...

Nana, you wear me out by just reading your blogs! Hope your knee is getting better, but I don't see how it can with all you do! Take care and God Bless!