Monday, September 13, 2010


Slept in a little this morning,after all it is vacation time isn't it?
Hubbie was the only one up when I got up so we went for a bike ride over to the beach. It didn't look like a good time to ride on the beach so we rode down to the park with the board walks.This is a sight we are not used to seeing on the beaches we have been going to in NC,as they had no high rise hotels or condos like this beach does.

When we got back from our long ride everyone was up and already fishing or in the pool.
Daughter fishes with her lucky pink pole.
Bernie and Dolly search for shade as I am intent on catching what keeps nibbling at my bait.Voila!!! The culprit nibbler,not what I wanted !!! These channels were full of Blue Crab.
G-son relaxing by the channel.
Hubbie and #2 son catching our bait.
After a while with no luck we went looking for other entertainment.
Hubbie,me, #2 son, daughter and g-son went over to the beach so g-son could play in the ocean.Hey Aunt T this is fun !!!

After a short time we had to leave because g-son has some raw places on his stomach where his swimmie thing rub so the salt water made it burn and he wanted to come back to "our beach home"and dry off.Uncle D takes over on the walk back.

With him in the stroller we walked the boardwalks in this preserve that is right down the street from our house.

There were a lot of birds here also which you'll see in another post.Thinking g-son would surely take a nap on the stroller ride we wrapped him in a towel with just his underwear on,but no nap, he wasn't going to miss a thing!But Uncle D went down there!!!!!!!!
I hope I get a chance to come back here before we leave.
Back home we spent time in the pool and fished some but all we were catching were crabs.

We set our crab trap out this evening so we'll maybe have a crab boil tomorrow.

Tonight was our Subway night as everyone is pretty tired. I am worried about #1 son's ankle ,it is really swollen. He has been trying to tell his doctors that he thought there was something wrong with his ankle but they just haven't listened. If it continues to swell like it is now they will surely have to pay some attention when he gets back.
Hubbie ,me ,#2 son and daughter took a long beach walk after we ate. The sunset was gorgeous.

We took lots of pics and those also will be another post.

We walked all the way to the pier and out on it .No one was catching anything bigger than we did today and there wern't many people out there. We sat up on the observation deck and watched the fishing for a while. Where I sat I found a small wallet with $11 but no ID in it. We stayed for a while to see if anyone came looking for it and then took it to the pier store and turned it in.
It was dark when we left,as I looked up at the moon the "man in the moon" actually had a face tonight.

As we walked the long walk back I thought about how good the bed was going to feel tonight.

This has been a good 2nd day of vacation thanks to the generous blessings of God.

Good Night and God Bless.

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