Friday, September 17, 2010


Woke to all kinds of commotion outside this morning,this must be work day here. The Terminix man was here spraying every inch of the yard with weed killer,hubbie went down and ask about the dogs,but he said to keep them off it until it dried and they would be fine. The lawn mowing guys were here also filling the pool with grass clippings,glad we weren't planning on using it today anyway. The water in the pool is extremely cold, I don't think it pays to pay the extra money for a pool this time of year.
I got adventurous this morning and set out on my own on my bike to explore the end of this little island. On the way there I ran into hubbie and daughter who were already on a bike ride. They came along with me,we rode all the way to the end ,parked our bikes and walked across the beach to the inlet. There was a man who drowned in this very place on Monday. His kids were swimming when they got into trouble ,he went in to save them and after getting them to safety he didn't have enough energy left to get himself out of the strong current that runs through the inlet. Such a sad story for such a beautiful place.

As you can see by the pictures there is a narrow channel of water and it is running swiftly to and from the ocean.
As we walked back we noticed this old uninhabited house right on the beach,such a wonderful location for such a run down ,over grown place. Or maybe it was just made up to be uninhabited,all I know is there was am awful lot of junk laying all around it.The red flag warnings were all out today because of the rip currents from hurricane Igor.

We made our way back home right before lunch.I had a salad out on the porch as I watched birds dive and dine on the baitfish that fills these waterways. I enjoy the peace and sererinity of places on the waterways near the coast but don't think I would ever like to live here all the time.
I've noticed everyday since we've been here this week the same scenario plays out everyday. Tide goes out, you hear the oysters snapping shut,see the blue crabs scurrying to softer mud and what little water there is left in the little trenches to escape the burning,drying sunlight.

Tide comes in the birds gather for the feast of baitfish that swim up these channels in hopes of escaping their underwater prey only to be bombarded from the air by various sea shore birds.

Fishermen move in with nets and every aperatus known to man (us included) to try and intice the biggest of the big fish out of their endless journeys up and down these channels.This guy lived just down the channel from our house and bless his heart I hope he had better luck than us because he stayed out in the water all day long everyday.
So on and so on it goes everyday plays out the same ,some get lucky some not so lucky,such is life at the sea shore.

We have had unbelievably good weather this week,with bright sunshine everyday,not a cloud in the sky,no evening showers,only glorious bright sunshine with a nice breeze.
We went out to let g-son play one more time on the beach and in the ocean this afternoon. He enjoyed every minute we were out there. Pawpaw and g-son build sand castles ??????
Precious !!!!!!

#1 son even made it down there on crutches.

He got lucky on the way back and a good samaritan with a golf cart picked him up and drove him to the house.
We went out to a K&W cafeteria right up the road to eat an early supper tonight,it was very good ,haven't eaten in one of those in quite a while.

Made a stop at a souvineir store on the way home, I got a cup for my collection, a magnet for the frig,and a shirt to remind me of this week.

Jeff Foxworhty was right on when he said show me a rednecks T-shirt drawer and I'll tell you where he has vacationed for the last 10 years!!
Each time I wear one from a spot ,it makes me think of what happened on that vacation that year.Beautiful lady, my daughter, favorite Aunt T, wonderfully caring sister, God's blessing.

Talked to sis-in-law just now and she said it rained at her house last night,hope it reached mine as I'm sure my plants are drying up.

We packed some things tonight and cleaned up so we won't have so much to do in the morning as we have to be out of the house at 10:00,although with the realty closed on Saturdays, I'm not sure how they would know when you left.

Well at 11:20, I'm blogging, hubbie and g-son are in our bed watching TV, #2 son is watching a movie in the living room, daughter is in her room watching TV probably asleep, d-in-love is doing laundry,#1 son is downstairs watching TV, so ends our vacation for another year.

GOD be with us tomorrow as we travel home and with #1 son's family as they go to another destination and then travel home on Sunday, I pray that You hold each of us in the palm of Your safe hand.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you got out to the Point... It's amazing out there ---and some of the best sunsets in the world---going down over that water....

We've seen that run-down home at the Point.. I always wonder about it.... Weird!!!!

Sounds like you had a great trip.... Sorry it wasn't this week though --since our temps this coming week are supposed to be in the 90's... YUK..