Sunday, September 5, 2010


Relaxing Sunday,after church our lunch crowd was very small, only daughter and her b-friend, #1 son's family went to the Apple Festival, #2 son went golfing with friends.
I had a chicken/broccoli casserole on the menu but with the small crowd I made homemade chicken salad to go with fresh green beans and corn on the cob.
After lunch I stayed off my feet almost the entire evening. Hubbie had a deacon's meeting at church at 3 that lasted almost 2 hours, then we ran out to a shoe store to look at their sales only to discover they were closed. Hum!, although the sign still said open 7 days I guess they closed for the holiday.
We came home and I watered all my potted plants again,we are so dry again.
The weather is wonderful, nice 78 degree highs during the day while waking up to 50 degrees and a cool breeze blew all day today, definitely giving the air a fall feel but desperately needing some rain.

It is time to start my September decade pics. I could not find any from 1960 but did find a few from 1970.I was a junior in high school in September 1970 and this was my class picture.I don't know why none of the guys in this picture look as happy as I do !!!!!!
This was taken in front of my old high school football field concession stand.This was my pride and joy! it was the 3rd car I owned, it was a navy blue 1966 Ford Mustang convertible. I will never forget the day I bought it, it was a 3 speed and I had never driven a straight drive automobile before, only a tractor. My dad took me over to pick it up and when the business was done and the man handed me the keys, my dad got in his car and left. I got in the mustang and drove it home,I don't remember much about that trip but I do remember the next day. I had a job on weekends cleaning rooms at a motel on the other side of town from where I lived. I bought the mustang on Saturday afternoon and had to go to work the next morning. On the way to work I had to go through town, there were red lights,and 1 of these red lights was at the top of a hill. I remember trying to time it so I would not get caught by this one but I did. There was some railroad tracks at the foot of the hill and the hill was probably 1/4- 1/2 mile long. Luckily there was no traffic on this Sunday morning because I rolled all the way back down to those railroad tracks before I ever got the hang of what to do with that clutch on a hill!!!!! However I have never to this day had any more trouble driving any straight drive vehicle I've gotten in. That was my dad's way of teaching, he always said "can't never could do anything" and made us jump right in and learn as we went. Learning this way sticks with you better than anyone telling you how to do something.
In this same month my girlfriend who had a red mustang ran a stop sign on the way to school one morning and hit my mustang, doing minor damage. But she had to pay to have the dent took out of the back fender and I choose this color to have it painted.
I enjoyed that convertible mustang at that age better than any car I have ever owned. I don't really remember what I did with it but I wish I still had it.
Excuse the thumb,remember back then you didn't know what the picture looked like until you got it back from the developers.
Thanking God for a wonderful restful Sunday and for peace of mind for trusting Him.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

What a trip down memory lane!

I do remember working hard to get my hair to flip like that.

I never owned a car until I married and went to work. I love this one.

Hope all your family is faring well.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Glad you could stay off of your feet most of the afternoon/evening yesterday... I'm sure that your knee appreciated that.

We are desperate for rain here also... Even our big shade trees are distressed and losing their leaves. We'll water what we can today...

Love your class picture --and your Mustang.. I can only imagine how proud you were of that beauty... I learned to drive (at age 14) on a stick shift ---so never had trouble after that. I owned a 1968 Camaro once and loved it also. It had an 8-track tape player in it--and I would have that thing blasting away!!!! ha...

Have a great Labor Day.