Thursday, September 23, 2010


First day of the Fall season sure doesn't feel much like Fall as the temperature climbs toward the upper 80's again today.
Back in the routine at market today,doesn't seem like I was even gone. There wasn't many people out today and business was slow. Hopefully Saturday with Old Timey Day will be better.
After market I ran errands and did some shopping.
Hubbie called and said one of my nephews who is 16 had an accident and rolled his truck over on a nearby dirt road.
He was leaving work early to go with my brother to the accident scene. My nephew called his dad and said he wasn't hurt.
The patrolman didn't give him a ticket but he totaled his truck. He was sliding around on the gravel and lost control.
This is the 2nd accident he has been in, the other one someone else was driving .
Glad I'm past that 16 year old driving era!
After unloading the van and resting for a few minutes hubbie and I went to work at church. We are both very tired tonight and had to push ourselves through the evening.

I love all the scenes of fall,another farming friend that has a roadside business always goes all out in fall.Their place is called Grand Dads, this photo is from their web page, is a real John Deere up there.I'll be returning there soon to pick out a pumpkin for carving.As we drove home from church tonight the moon itself looks like a fall decoration tonight, wow !!!!
Looks like we maybe are going to get a fall feeling weekend along with some much needed rain.
Considering some pretty big changes in my schedule going into this fall,pray I make the right decisions.
Exhaustion is winning out early tonight,I'm headed for bed before 11:00.
Praying for God's guidance tonight and in the coming days.
Good Night and God Bless.

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