Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well what should have been a 15 minute max, visit to the vet turned into an hour wait I began to wonder how I was going to get anything done today.
On the flip side because they forgot to tell me when my specimens were done they only charged for one instead of two,so I guess I'll forgive them.
I sat listening to the girls in the office talking excitedly about one of them being pregnant,I should have known they weren't paying too much attention to business !!
Anyway all's well with Bernie and Dolly, no sign of any kind of worms so that's a good thing.
On my way home I stopped at Ingles to pick up some extra sugar for my pear butter making this afternoon.
I ate a salad for lunch ,then started icing my cakes, 12 caramels and 4 chocolates. With the rain predicted for tomorrow I'm sure it will be a slow,slow day.
It started raining here about 2:30 this afternoon and has been on and off all evening.
What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than making pear butter.
I found a recipe on fellow blogger Farm Chick Paula's blog a few days ago and wanted to try it,I'm always game for new recipes.
Glad I picked these yesterday when the sun was shining !! The longest process in dealing with this type of pear is peeling and cutting them up as they are pretty hard.
This pot was level full when I started cooking,by the time they were soft it was 1/2 full.
After running the softened pieces through the food processor and adding Paula's recommended amount of sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice and sneaking in some cloves and all-spice of my own (sorry Paula),that's why my daughter says she'll never be able to make her food taste like mine because I never fully follow a recipe. I cooked the mixture until it was very thick and put it in jars to process for 10 minutes.
Wound up with 7 pints of some of the best tasting pear butter I've ever made, Thanks Paula !!!

#1 son's nurse came to measure his wounds today and found he has a tunnel at the bottom of one of them that isn't heating,so she is searching for a different healing process again.
When hubbie came home from work he and #2 son went to Asheville to pick up a recliner for #2 son, he finally found a good deal on a black one like he wanted.
The camper cover we used for vacation is still on hubbie's truck so that came in handy for picking it up today in the rain.
It is really cool this evening and still on and off rain.
Daughter came in and started baking and I went to my office and buried myself in paperwork. I am still catching up from being gone a week.
We all watched survivor at 8:00 then it was back to work .
I iced coconut cakes tonight and labeled everything.
I am watching the weather at 10:30 all finished with everything and due a little relaxation time before heading to bed.
Thanking God for my many blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Wish we had some of your rain... We need it... But I can't complain since our weather right now is perfect....

Your pear butter sounds wonderful.... AND---one of these days, I want one of your delicious cakes.... YUM....

How's your leg/hip/knee/foot???? Hope you are better.