Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today is a fitting cool and wet end to a September that has been abnormally hot and dry.
It was definitely a long sleeve morning for the first time in many market mornings today.Had a pretty busy day even with the wet weather.
And this was an ominous looking sky this evening,too bad this is not a movie so you could see the clouds zooming by in the strong winds we have tonight.
As another month comes to an end its time for the decade pics of this month.
The yearly Apple Festival begins every September and this year there was an extremely large crowd.
Daughter and I had to hold on to one another to keep from getting separated in the crowd,it was no fun at all.Finally got a "widow maker" dead tree taken down that would have fallen on #2 son's house. Our associate pastor is also a professional tree climber.Took him about 2 hours to make firewood out of the huge triple oak.
Finally got to take that vacation to Cherry Grove Beach ,SC. Bernie and Dolly are ready to go.This is how we roll when we go on vacation,taking everything it seems and the kitchen sink !!Still injured and on crutches #1 son makes tha best of the time away from doctors and PT. That's #2 son with the crutches on his back.Here's a sight you don't see everyday on the beach.The weather was record breaking hot while we were there so we did a lot of fishing, relaxing and pool playing at our rental house.Our house was on the waterway so we netted our own bait fish.Grandson loves the ocean, here he is with his aunt T.With a friend named Cameron from Ohio that was staying right up the street.With his Uncle D and his Pawpaw.With his mom.Cutie Pie !!!Hubbie, #2 son and I took a drive about 15 minutes north to make one last drive over Sunset Island's historic old pontoon swing bridge as it is being replaced by the new high bridge on the right. This is the last of these bridges on the coast of NC.Hubbie, daughter and I enjoy a beach sunset.Old Timey Day at the Curb Market is on the last Saturday of September and we had a beautiful day for it this year,Me selling cakes from my booth on Old Timey Day.
A busy month of canning tomatoes,making pear butter, putting out fall decorations, doctor appointments, Super Harvest Moon,expecting new great nephew and all my regular jobs also has me looking forward to a relaxing fall season.
Thanking God for a wonderful month and all the blessings He gave me during it.
Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

What a busy month, but with some fun thrown in there. Glad you weren't at the beach this past week with all the rain they had.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous but busy September. Hope October is good to you!!!