Saturday, September 18, 2010


Travel day began early this morning at 8 am. With not much to eat left in the house hubbie,daughter,#2 son and I scratched out a snack breakfast to do us until we get on the road. # 1 son's family are downstairs and don't ever eat early anyway.
With what we got done last night it's not such a job this morning and we were loaded and ready at 9 am. We helped #1 son get their stuff loaded and we all left at 10 am so all in all it was a pretty easy morning. Even though we only do this once or twice a year everyone knows the routine.
#1 son's family left for shopping and then to Raleigh to meet her parents at a concert tonight. They'll spend the night and drive home tomorrow.
#2 son and daughter followed us up the road.
We stopped several times to eat and let the dogs walk.
Bernie got thrown off his perch on the console when hubbie had to stop suddenly to avoid running a stop sign and he cut his foot on a chipped water dish I had sitting in the floor board. We had to stop and try to stop the bleeding,I've never saw a dog bleed so much,I thought we were going to have to hunt a vet's office.
It finally stopped bleeding and he settled down for the rest of the ride home,he didn't want to get out anymore.
Thankfully we made it home without anymore drama,but Bernie is really hurt,he is just laying around,really weak acting.Here are Dolly,in front and Bernie before the ride home.
We got home around 4:30, unloaded and got most things put away, then ate a snack supper. Thankfully Bernie got up and drank some water and ate some dog food,I think he will be okay. We still haven't looked at his foot, I surely don't want to open it up again.
I watered plants,brought my beta fish back inside from the shed where sis-in-law fed them,washed all the bloody towels and hung them out before hubbie and I went to church to work tonight.
When we came home we unpacked our clothes and put everything away. Whew!!, it's officially over and it sure feels good to be back home and my bed sure looks inviting. I thought I would get some vacation post published tonight but it looks like that might have to wait.
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, oops, I dozed off there for a minute.
Giving God all the glory for safe trip home.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry about Bernie.... Hope his foot is okay...

Glad you had a safe trip home. Vacations are wonderful--but sleeping in one's own bed is even better.