Friday, September 24, 2010


Another summer day in late September,sizzzling hot sunshine makes an early appearance.
I am trying to intergrate a pullet into my small flock of hens without any harm coming to her. Last night was the first night I put her in the coup with the bigger hens to roost. When I opened the door and the hens came out this morning,I didn't see her ,I found her still in the coup,but she had no signs of feathers pulled ,etc. So I sat her outside with the others and threw them some corn,she wanted nothing to do with the corn,so I'll just have to make sure she gets something to eat later.
After breakfast I baked cakes ,then iced 6 caramel cakes,whew it's hot today.
I thought about the heat and realized it's actually cooler today, 83,than it has been on many days this summer,so why does it feel so hot?
I think we program ourselves to deal with hot weather all summer but when it becomes fall our bodies want to cool down. Or maybe our bodies are just plain tired of all that heat.
All I know is this body is sure looking forward to some cool temperatures.Remind me in December when cold winds are blowing the snow around I said this !!!!!!!
I have been contemplating making a shelf downstairs in the unheated part of our basement for all my canned goods. Right now I have them in several different places so it's hard to know what I have and what I need to make more of.
Today is the day, after cleaning out one shelf so I can clean off the one I really need and transfer what's on it to the first one I cleaned,(are you still with me????) I start putting jars on the shelf ,then discover the jars aren't labeled,only the boxes their in,so I make labels for all the jars. I don't really trust the shelves to be loaded down with these heavy jars ,so I still leave some of the newly canned vegies in boxes.
The middle of the shelves just seemed a little springy to me. I still have some stuff upstairs in a cabinet also.Green beans are the biggest crop I can,I usually try to put up at least 3 dozen quarts a year,most year is it more than that.

When hubbie came in from work we had a hot dog supper and then he needed a nap before going to work at church.
While he napped I watched my back yard being taken over by Cardinals.The molting is over and their brilliant red color is back,they seemed to look relieved that thier feathers are all smooth and new.At times I counted as many as 10 at the feeders and in the trees waiting their turn at the feeders. This pair decided to eat their meal off the ground.
I put the chickens and dogs up and we headed to finish our work at church.
I came home and iced 6 more caramel cakes ,then hubbie and I loaded everything in the van so we can get an earlier start in the morning.
Daughter came in and started her baking, when she gets all hers in the ovens I'll ice my coconut cakes.
Hubbie is wore out after his week back from vacation and is already in bed at 10:15.
I called today and made an appointment with a knee doctor on October 11th. I just want to know what's wrong with my swollen knee,but it's not bad enough for surgery.

I carried water to all my potted plants tonight, hopefully this will hold them until we get the promised rain on Sunday. As I watered I just thought this time next month most of these will be in the green house because we will already have had a killing frost.
I took some empty pots to my greenhouse today and when I opened the door it jarred my memory that I need to clean it out before I need to put my plants in there. I didn't use it last year and some johnson grass grew up in there and died. I hate cleaning in there because I always find snakes basking in the heat there, usually only Black Snakes ,but you can't take any chances. Snakes love to get in the pots,I have found several like these.Yuck, not looking forward to that job!!!!
As I wait for my turn in the kitchen,I've been reading last years blog for this time of year and unbelievably the temperatures were 40's - 60's ,wow what a difference a year makes!!
Thanking God for my blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Rita said...

Your caramel cakes sound just wonderful. Do you have a picture of them on your blog? Your days are filled to the brim. Hope your knee isn't to much of a problem.

Gail said...

You are an amazing woman, all the things you do and with such a grateful heart.

You show us your faith in every action...thank you.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Wow I am amazed how all you do!!! I am hoping to get up there to visit with you soon.