Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well hubbie ,daughter and I all made it to market around 8 am. We were busy as most regular customers came early,shopped and left before the Apple Festival street vendors opened.I was going through my closet the other day and found this dress,perfect for today. I didn't remember where it came from but daughter said she was with me when we found it at a thrift store in town.
It was very comfortable and also its length felt good on this cool breezy day.
We sold out at market except for 1 caramel cake. It was busy this year, partly because I think people were unhappy with the arrangement of the vendors up town. I heard many people say you could not squeeze through the crowd to get to the booths of merchandise.
And when daughter and I got up there after market we realized what they were talking about. Too many people funneled into a narrow street made even walking a challenge.

These are from my point of view as I followed daughter single file up the street.

I don't know what the answer is to fixing this problem ,but there are less and less vendors every year and I sure would hate to see this long traditional festival fall by the wayside.I saw very few people carrying merchandise that they had purchased and daughter and I followed suit. The only purchases we made were in Mast General Store and food.
I usually buy quite a bit at this festival but not this year.
There were lots and lots of beautiful apples this year.
And if you can imagine it made from an apple they had it.
From fried apple pies and fritters to the traditional candy apples.
Almost every apple booth had apple slushes which we sampled and they were very good.We also had to have some apple slices with caramel dipping sauce,although our request they use Honeycrisp apples was denied the Galas were very good with the hot caramel.There was apple ice cream being made on the street.
If you could have gotten to the craft booths here is a few things you could have gotten your apple fix with that would have stayed around alot longer than edible apple things.
These are pictures from our local newspaper who must have either gotten there before the crowds or was a lot braver than me.
I didn't see any booths with clothes although we did buy this years festival t-shirt.
There were cookie jars with apples.I have a friend who has an apple room in her house and I'm betting she has a set of these ! There were some old cars.Deputy Barney Fife and Goomer made it all the way from Mayberry for the festival !!!Old time street preaching by surprisingly young men,you go guys !!!Apple worm rides for the kids.Music was continuous all day everyday of the festival. Here is a bluegrass band called Appalachain Fire ,the lead singer is our associate pastor's wife.
As I drove out of town I passed people walking from 3 blocks away toward main street.
I was just glad to get out of the hustle and bustle into a more quieter part of town to pick up some baking supplies for next week and very glad to get home,unloaded and into my easy chair for a while. Ahhhhhhh !!!!! another apple festival weekend down !!!!!
By the way I tried one of those Icy Hot Sleeves for my knee today and I must say with all the standing and walking I did today it kept the pain at bay. The only bad thing was it kept rolling down.
Praying tonight for God's guidance and intervention as I go into this next week.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like a neat festival---except for the vendors... Why can't they spread them out more?????

Glad you got the Icy Hot sleeve ---even if it kept rolling down... Sounds neat... You need some glue on the top... ha

Sounds like you all did well at the market --so that is good. Love your apple dress.

And I love seeing all of the things they were making with apples... Honey Crisp is my all-time favorite eating apple... YUM!!!!

Enjoy the cooler temps. We worked in the yard all day... Loved it.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Patty H. said...

Every year I say I'm goign to the apple festival and then somethign always happens that I dont' get to go.
That is the same with our Sour Wood Festival here in town. But it is still always fun to go and see all the different crafts and things. Usually never buy anythign tho., well except for food.
"Praying tonight for God's guidance and intervention as I go into this next week" will keep you in my prayers as well.

Patty H.

Gail said...

The older I get, the less I like crowds.

Some great photos and looks like many were having a good time.