Thursday, September 2, 2010


Finally got everything loaded then unloaded at market this morning. You'd think I would've had a huge day with all the stuff I carried in but a lot of it was orders. Actually there wasn't much traffic through the market today so I'm thankful for all those orders.
#1 son called after his nurse came to put the wound vac on his leg and said his bad luck continued. Seems the doctor had put some kind of antibiotic crystals in his wounds after the surgery Tuesday and the nurse didn't recognize them before she took them out and threw them away. She called the doctor to see if she could get some more to replace them but he said no. Hopefully they can identify the infection and get him started on antibiotics next week before the slough starts growing in the wound again.
After market I ran errands and did some sale shopping at Belks, they had a fantastic sale going on,up to 80% off ,now that's my kind of sale. Now I have to go through my closet and get rid of some old stuff.
I didn't get home until after 5:00,hubbie was here and helped me unload.
I needed a rest before moving on to my next job so I took a short nap.
I watered my potted plants again tonight. 2 of my hanging baskets had birds or bats in them, they flew out so fast I couldn't tell which they were.
Another 88 degree day is sure drying things out quickly.
Hubbie and I went to work at church for awhile . There was a band practicing for our Block Blast next Saturday. This band plays the music for our contemporary service,they are loud and it sounds more like heavy metal until you start listening to the words of the songs. I'd rather listen to easy on the ears music but I know there is a place for this type of music.
Hubby and I left at 10:00 and they were still going strong, God bless them.
I'm tired tonight and I hope my evening nap doesn't interfere with my sleep tonight.
I need to go make out my "to do list" for tomorrow.
Thanking God for people like we got to know at church tonight,that put a different spin on worship to attract the non-traditional worshipers.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

I agree about the music, Marilyn, but there is a place for that type of music... If it attracts more people to Christ---then it's worth it.

Your poor son is really having a hard time. Seems like nobody talks to one another... GADS!!!

Are you getting any rain or winds from Earl? We are not--but a cold front is going to come through today and give us some much cooler temps --at least for a few days.