Sunday, September 12, 2010


Up early to pack the last items and do morning chores one last time for the week. Hubbie and I are headed to Cherry Grove beach in SC. The kids all left yesterday morning and are safely at our rental house already.

This is our first trip to this beach,we usually go to NC beaches,but decided to try this area since it is close to so much to do. Also this house has a pool which we have never had before,should be fun.

The 3rd week in June was our original scheduled vacation but when #1 son got hurt we got them to postpone it until now.

We hit the road about 9 am,last nights rain storm left some interesting foggy scenes.Traveling with a full load, including 5 bicycles. A neighbor stopped by last night to bring a fishing lure he uses and he said we had it all even the kitchen sink in the back of the truck.

Our first stop was a place in SC that we always stop to buy cheap gas. We got coffee and were on our way again.
Dolly and Bernie are very good traveling companions,they both sleep much of the way.

When we travel I always follow along on a map and for some reason today I noticed a road that cut across from I-26 to I-20 without getting close to Columbia, which is always a traffic madhouse.
Hubbie's always game for my new found "shortcuts", so off we went and were pleasantly surprised by a nice quiet ride threw a couple old farming communities.
We stopped and ate before noon so we would miss the crowds and back on the road again.
After another stop for Bernie and Dolly to stretch their legs and potty we headed on in to Cherry Grove, arriving at 2:30,which I thought was in excellent time.

#1 son was fishing and everyone else was in the pool when we arrived.

They helped us unload and get everything arranged then we joined them. I fished with #1 son and hubbie played in the pool with g-son. He had been in that pool all day long!

The house is really nice .....

It has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths,TV's in every room and a huge one in the living room,which also has a large fireplace,how nice it would be to be at the beach in winter weather.We found a picture on the wall of this same house at Christmas in 1989 with 15" of snow around it,awesome!!!

Our bedroom looks out over the waterway behind the house.This hammock was a relaxing place to be in the evenings when the 90 degree temperatures cooled down. Some days we had a nice breeze,some days there was no breeze,just Hot !!

When the tide goes out there is not much water in the canal and you can't fish.

G-son got tired and sleepy so hubbie stayed with him and the rest of us road bikes into town.
#1 son can ride a bike very well with his leg ,but #2 son carried his crutches strapped to his backpack.
We got some salad fixins to go with our spaghetti supper tonight and a few other things,like me a hat which I forgot to bring.

We road back to the house and while daughter and d-in-love fixed supper hubbie,#1 and #2 son went on a bike ride of their own down to a park that we can see from our back deck. It had 2 nice fishing piers and a very nice picnic shed.

After supper we all fished except #2 son and he took a nap with g-son.
Daughter is the only one who caught a fish , a good sized Spot. Wish we had a half dozen more of them ,they taste good when breaded and fried.

We all gathered in the living room to watch a TV show together,then went separate ways for the evening.It's so nice for everyone to enjoy things together like this. This week together gives us a chance to get re-aquainted with one another each year. Along with having fun together.One of my most favorite things at the beach, the magnificent sunsets, and this week the Lord sure didn't disappoint me.

I always dread leaving things at home,my sis-in-law looks after our animals for us while we're gone and I know she goes beyond what is expected if anything should happen.

I am tired tonight after that long ride and long bike ride.

Thanking God for safe trips for all and asking for His watchful eye here and at home for the rest of the week.

Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I am so jealous! This place is beautiful and everything seems so perfect...just what the doctor ordered for relief from those busy lives you lead.

Have a super time and keep sharing these awesome photos.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, I wondered what had happened to you... I've missed your posts... Glad you all finally got your family vacation. What a nice beach house ---and with a pool. Amazing...

We've been to that area many times --and in fact, we used to stay at the Cherry Grove Manor --before they tore it down to put up one of those stupid high-rises... Now--we go to Ocean Isle in NC.

There are some fabulous seafood restaurants near you. We love Dockside --which is at Calabash. AND--we love Twin Oaks at the bridge to Sunset Beach... There are some good seafood restaurants on the Little River waterfront (Capt. Jewel's) --but they are not as good as the ones in Calabash.

IF you like buffets, get a coupon and eat at Giant Crab in Myrtle Beach.. You won't need to eat all day before going there though... Amazing!!!!

You are not on the beach though, are you??? That is the one thing that I HAVE to have... Our place is right on the beach plus there is a pool. We like the beach better... But --that's just us!!!! ha

Have a great time.