Monday, September 20, 2010


Monday after a week of vacation,uggggg!!!!!!! Especially when I had to be at the doc's office at 9:30 for an internal ultrasound,double yuck !!!!
It was all worth it for the good news I got after doc looked at the images and told me everything looked better than fine and I had almost a zero chance of ovarian or uterian cancer. And the even better news he still found no reason for an examination,yea!!!
After I breezed out of there I headed over to the Biltmore House store to get restocked on my wassail spice blend I put in my green tea. I've talked about this stuff before ,it is the best blend of spices I have ever found to go in hot tea.It can be ordered on-line,but since I was almost to the estate at the doc's I picked up a generous supply this morning. I also got a bottle of hand lotion made from grapes.And yes the bottle is really neat!
The lotion smelled wonderful so I hope it works as well as it sounds like it will,haha. I'll have baby butt soft hands in no time flat!

I made my baking supply stops on my way home. Called some Avon customers and told them I would be making rounds next Monday. The order that went off this morning was so small I'll wait and deliver it with last weeks order. No one seemed to mind waiting.
G-son was here when I got here,hubbie was pulling him around outside in a wagon. He went to school this morning and his dad picked him up and brought him here for the afternoon while he cleans out his trucks. He is trying to sell something so he can make business payments.
Hubbie helped him and g-son and I played inside as it is 89 degrees out there today. Come on fall !!!!!!
How dry is it ????????
On my walk this evening I took a picture of our farm pond.Annie likes getting in it whether there is any water in it or not.Not only dry but grass has already covered the bottom.

Below is the pond in better times!!!
Desperate for rain,I noticed the grass in the pasture was crackling under my feet as I walked.
I came back to the house and watered my potted plants. I need to buy some mums to add some fall color but hate to get anything else to have to carry water to.
Daughter came in and started her baking then got a headache and had to go lay down. She has lots of headaches,I believe she doesn't take care of herself like she should. She has a schedule most days that doesn't allow time to eat and that means headache time.
I took her breads out of the oven and put 3 pound cakes and 3 wine cakes in for me.
It's 11:30 and I'm done for tonight.
So thankful to God tonight for the doctor's news this morning. I give Him all the glory and strive harder everyday to glorify His name.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how hard it is to get back into the routine..... BUT--your news with the doctor was GREAT.... Congrats!!!!

We are very hot this week --and dry... We watered our plants/flowers again today... We've been doing that all summer I think...

Hope you sleep well tonight..

Anonymous said...

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