Friday, September 10, 2010


I spent almost 2 hours this morning staring at empty seats in the waiting room of my new doctors office.
That's what happens when your doctor is delivering babies,you never know when one is gonna come.
Anyway I finally got to see him and the visit didn't turn out dreadful at all. I actually got to keep my clothes on because he decided not to even examine me until he did an internal ultrasound. So I have one of those on 9/20. His diagnosis of my problem was surprising to me. He said sometimes after menopause some women's ovaries just decide to start working again and cause the exact symptoms I'm having. Who would have guessed !!!! I'm hopeful several other things will follow suit and decide to turn young again !!!!!! HA HA HA !!!!
I left there and came home to find #1 son and his nurse changing his wound vac dressing.
He was talking to the doctor about his medicine and finally got the pills. He is on a mega dose of antibiotics for a month. I am praying they don't cause him any trouble.
After they left I baked some cake layers.
I stayed busy all afternoon with odds and ends . The day is cloudy and we are supposed to get rain starting tonight and all day tomorrow.
Hubbie and I took Flash the basset to the vet this afternoon for a rabies shot and when they checked a specimen I took they found he still has a few round worms so they put him on some medicine for that.
He hates getting shots and got so upset he got sick on the way home.
#2 son was home when we got back and Flash sure was glad to see his daddy.
Sis-in-law came by for a while this evening for a visit.
Hubbie and I went to church to finish work there and deliver the tea and lemonade for the block blast tomorrow.
Back home I iced cakes and got ready for market tomorrow. I didn't water my plants tonight so I am hoping the rain they are promising materializes.Maybe these strange looking clouds will produce some water.

Another good rain maker is the start of the Mountain State Fair today.The crowds were low on this first day,maybe they will get bigger as the week goes on.
Thanking God tonight for being my best friend and caring for me without limitations.
Praying for all the relatives of the victims of 9/11 who will re-live memories of lost loved ones on the anniversary of that terrible day tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like you got a fairly good report from the doctor. Strange things do happen to us during menopause.

You must go to a good ole country doctor --since he also delivers babies!!!! I remember those kind of doctors. They are rare these days...

We waited all day yesterday for rain --and it went all around us... BUT--this morning we are having some rain!!!! YEAH!!!!!

I've been reading posts and watching 9/11 videos this morning. Makes me cry. Let's NEVER forget.

God Bless YOU and God Bless America,

Gail said...

Glad to hear things are good.

Have a fantastic weekend.